Thursday, April 28, 2005

There is good news,

From Anonymous:

There is good news, and there is not-so-good news. The good news, of course, is that Nanos has definitely left the building. The other news is that he has found, or is in the process of finding a new job. Are you ready?

That's right, DHS in the Threats and Protection department. RUMINT has it that if he has not already done so, he is about to snag a high-level position there. Why is that bad news? Well, of course it is bad news that there is someone out there foolish enough to hire Nanos into another high-level position. No surprise, I suppose, that he found that fool inside DHS. The other reason that this is bad news is that (wait for it) DHS is one of LANL's customers. Yep. Nanos will still be our boss in a certain sense. Perhaps in no small sense if he gets his vengeful mitts on LANL's portion of DHS's budget.

One more item: our new stealth Director, Glenn Mara, has an email address: I only mention this because I know many of you would like to make suggestions to him regarding the wording of Nanos' tribute, which I expect Mara (maybe we need to think of him as our interim interim Director) or Kuckuck (our interim Director) to deliver mid-May.

About the best I can tell Glenn Mara will bring us is direction on how to piece together, literally, some of the broken pieces that we've become under Nanos. Honestly, Mara's greatest strength is that he's a certified welder! And if you count his leadership of the National Ignition Facility @ Livermore, well, we all know what happened there! If you haven't already posted or found his bio, you can get it here:
Cheerio every one.
THERE IS SOME BAD NEWS. The principle of peer revue is coming! It may be more frightening than the possible reduction of your old age pensions, too. I find this BLOG fascinating. Overpaid scientists unaware of their protected status. Men and women working on programs shrouded in secrecy which, when revealed, had no legitimate basis. The 50+ years after the Manhattan project has been a bust because there was no reason to work hard.
The good bad news is that Nanos has so polluted our relationship with DHS already that we are barely getting any program money from that organization anyway. Therefore, there's not much to cut. Linton Brooks nominated him to the DHS position as I understand the chain of events. If history is to be a guide, Nanos will have that project in the drink within six months and Brooks, now having killed our weapons program, can share in that legacy as well. I'm sure that the terrorists are excited at the prospect. However, that'll be six months that he'll not be on the mesa (I chose the latter contraction purposely.)
To 07:05:45:
Tell that to the Poles, the Hungarians, the Latvians, the Lithuanians, the Czechs, the Slovaks, the Estonians, the Romanians, the Ukrainians, and even the Russians who no longer have to fear the gulags. Freedom, like the spring flowers, has burst out all over the world that had been made secure for over a half century by resolve and nuclear weapons and not by fools like you.

Welcome to LANL. A couple of suggestions for you to consider:

1) Any "tribute" to Nanos will backfire. Tell it like it is.

2) The "stealth" thing isn't working. Best to come out of the closet. UC looks more foolish by the day in their attempts to perpetuate the pretense that Nanos is still running things at LANL.

3) Take a lesson from the Nanos regime: Openness is good, secrecy, censorship, and lies are bad.
To the 7.05 pm poster.

Please back up your statements with
facts. LANL does indeed have some
of the hardest working people in the world.
This is clear in that fact that LANL
is ranked 11th in the world in terms
of publications and citations in
PEER reviewed publications,
including Nature, Science, and
PRL. This is of course
another reason why people from LANL get
faculty offers at MIT, Cornell, Chicago,
UCSD, UCD, UCR, Colorado, Northwestern,
Notre Dame, and on and on. It is because
the people work so hard and have such
an impact in the world of science.
Examples include the top work done on
AIDS, nonlinear dynamics, geoscince.
Quatum computing, superconductivity and
so on. Why do you think UC wants to
keep the contract.
It makes sense that Brooks is getting him a job at DHS. I'm sure Brooks and Foley (all Navy) are the reasons Nanos came here in the first place. I'm just glad he is finally heading for the door. It should have happened last fall. Hopefully, Nanos will have an isolated office in the basement where he can't do any more damage to the National Security of this county.
Regarding 07:05:45 PM; Folks don't even waste your time on this moron. The poor fool is so ignorant that he doesn't even know our technical Divisions have annual reviews by full committees of external scientific peers. The nitwit did not even spell "review" correctly.
It seems like the outside lurkers have returned to this blog, after being absent for several weeks. Guess the recent uptick in LANL contract news stories is bringing them back again.
I think the high road for UC would be to just remain silent and say something to the effect of "leaving for health reasons" (based on the numerous rumors about his health). Absense of praise speaks volumes, and obviates the legal ramifications of assigning blame.
I like the suggestion of the 4/29/2005 07:22:17 AM poster. Indeed, "leading for health reasons" may be accurate. Does everyone know what "fragging" means?
fragging: assassination of an officer by his own troops, usually by means of a grenade
Rumsfeld fired Younger. Nanos won't do much better.
But Nanos will be near his son so he can f**k up his life too.
Nanos = Daddy Dearest
If we could somehow get Nanos in as head of Al-Qaeda we would never have to worry about another attack. As it is the terrorists are praising Allah for delivering such an imbecile for an adversary.
America Be afraid, be very afraid with Nanos at DHS.
DHS is totally disfunctional, already full of Nanos-like clones (clowns...?). It can't get worse...
JUST AN IDEA: Reportedly, DHS has an important but sensitive job for ex-Director Nanos. He will be doing undercover work. DHS plans to dress him up in a blue burka and have him pretend to be a virgin. Eventually, word will get around in Salafi tearooms and one of the major incentives for terrorists to martyr themselves will be taken off the table permanently. Imagine dying for some questionable cause, reaching Paradise, raising the veil, and finding George Peter Nanos, Junior. Finally at last, GPN might actually make a contribution to national security. If successful, similar undercover missions will be developed for Don Cobb, Rich Marquez, and John Immele (;>)
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