Thursday, April 14, 2005

Senior manager training

From Anonymous:

I have discovered where our current batch of senior managers got their training!
At "The Office" - NBC's new Thursday evening sitcom...

I doubt it. The show starts and finishes on time and has an understandable plot. That said, I would suggest that the senior staff would best be served by watching Boston Legal that is about "intelligent attorneys dealing with what the law can and cannot allow their clients and themselves to do." Now there's a thought. But, alas, I believe they are fixated on black and white reruns of "Lost in Space" and "Twilight Zone." They watch the latter because they really believe they can control our verticals and our horizonals. /////////////////////Nope! :)
Actually, viewers' inability to control the vertical and horizontal was from the "Outer Limits", still aptly named of course.
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