Friday, April 29, 2005

See you later

From Anonymous:

Gary can say what he may. However, I say in response to Pete being fired: "See you later butthead!" You have done more to destroy the economy of northern New Mexico and, indeed, national security than any person in the history of Los Alamos.

Gary is a stooge.... the more he rants on in favor of Nanos the stupider he looks. Nanos was a disaster on every front, and no amount of rhetoric or pecan buns will change that. To think one arrogant man could have cost HUNDREDS of millions of dollars and destroyed HUNDREDS of careers is beyond belief. Gary, stop sucking up for a new job; be grateful you still have your current one because you won't have it long.
This type of hateful and threatening language is what makes this blog a failure. Nanos will ultimately leave, and we need to be able to live and work with each other. A communist-style purge is being suggested, and it would doom us all!
I have another suggestion that will achieve the proper outcome of ridding us of Pete’s crew of misfits with a certain sense of irony that should make most of us grin from ear-to-ear. I suggest that we employ Pete’s “Director’s Instructions” regarding compensation of managers to most of the people Pete has unfortunately brought in to run the Laboratory (into the ground). How would most of the ADs or (PADs!) react to being reduced to TSM, at a TSM salary? I have a lot of faith that they would find some other place to run into the ground.

The problem with Pete’s many of appointments is that these people represent the wrong direction for the Laboratory. I am consistently troubled by the principles, motivations and indeed actions of the people managing (not leading) the Laboratory. Too many of the people occupying the 3rd and 4th floors of the Administration Building do not have any long term stake in the future of the Laboratory. The same can be said for a far too large percentage of division offices. I am sick and tired of being managed by someone who sees himself working somewhere else in five years. Many of the managers are simply stepping on us on the way to their next job.

As for Gary’s organization “Pad-and-Wipe,” it is a disaster. The Weapons Physics side of the directorate is in complete disarray. The managers are completely overwhelmed with useless garbage. “Pad-and-Wipe” does not have the slightest idea how to manage a scientific enterprise. I read Fred T.’s piece in the Newsbulletin yesterday, what a pile of… Earned value is one of the worst ideas I have ever seen. It is a completely repugnant concept to apply to a scientific effort. It is utterly inappropriate. I can’t speak for the manufacturing side of “Pad-and-Wipe”; maybe they are fit to lead that effort.

We need to be led by people will lead us to greatness. We need leaders who understand how science is done. We need leaders who love science. We need leaders who love Los Alamos and have a personal interest in the success of this Laboratory and the people who work here. We need leaders who will be our advocates and have the respect for us.
I think that the original poster's "See you later butthead!" comment is in poor taste. "Don't let the door hit you in the ass" would be a more appropriate farewell to Admiral Butthead.
The troubling aspect of this whole scenario at LANL seems to be that the director has been allowed to "punish" employees for absolutely ANY kind of reason.And no one interfered. Dr. Tinka Gammel's very public account of her lawsuit against him as her next-door neighbor should make all of us pause and wonder about GPN's troubling behavior.Dr. Gammel is a brave woman. She refused to be bullied by the director, even though he is her next-door neighbor. She has to see her tormentor on a regular basis.

How many people knew the REAL STORY about that incident?

Nanos has been allowed by DOE, our delegation, NNSA and UC to continue his tirades against innocent employees even though they knew that GPN himself had broken many of LANL's rules.Who has been covering up for him?

Betcha' there are some REAL interesting stories out there re GPN that have not yet seen the light of day? Who will be brave enough to share them?

I would be interested in knowing what the psychologists at UC think of the director's unusual behavior toward ANYONE who did not agree with him on EVERYTHING!

Why is this man still being protected so much and for what reason? Is he a national treasure?

Our previous directors may have not been perfect, but I do believe they loved their community and respected the people who worked for them. No one ever accused them of covering up their mistakes!
To 4/30/2005 06:51:24 AM:
I am not exactly sure that removing abusers of employees and processes, violators of Constitutional rights, squanders of appropriated funds, bullies that threaten employees in the workplace, wreckers of national security programs, and those who aid and abet such activities is a communist-style purge. I think it is called "democracy," which means "the people rule." I think it is the very process upon which this great Nation was founded.
anonymous postings = cowardice

If you really have the courage of your "principles" (or have any principles) put your name where your vitriol is.
Hey Jim Kress. Come work at LANL for a week and see how long you keep your job with that approach. Until you've worked in Nanos' regime, you don't knwo how easy it is to get fired for speaking your mind.
Jim Kress,

You assert: "anonymous postings = cowardice. If you really have the courage of your "principles" (or have any principles) put your name where your vitriol is."

Well, by that standard, the founders of this country were all a bunch of unprincipled cowards. Most of the founding fathers wrote their most important political essays either anonymously or pseudonymously. Ben Franklin was "Richard Saunders" or "Poor Richard." Alexander Hamiliton, James Madison and John Jay worked together, under the pseudonym "Publius," to produce the Federalist Papers, perhaps America's greatest political treatise, spelling out the foundations of our Consitution. Thomas Paine's famous pamphlet "Common Sense" was published anonymously (contempories suspected its author was Franklin, Paine being a complete unknown at the time). The list goes on and on. The reasons are obvious: political dissent was a punishable offense in pre-revolutionary America. Those who signed their names were quickly silenced. Rather like LANL under Nanos.

The simple fact is that ideas speak for themselves. Signing a name does nothing to enhance or detract from a powerful idea. If one lives under a repressive regime, anonymous publishing is an time-honored, honorable, and practical means for getting the ideas out.

Furthermore, even when reprisals are not to be feared, it is often better to publish anonymously in order for ideas to stand or fall on their own merits, rather than on the reputations their authors. (The revolution and British tyranny being over, it was for this latter reason that Hamiliton, Madison, and Jay chose to remain anonymous in writing the Federalist Papers.)

So get down off you high horse, Jim Kress. Anonymity is as honorable as it is necessary.

"I think that the original poster's "See you later butthead!" comment is in poor taste. "Don't let the door hit you in the ass" would be a more appropriate farewell to Admiral Butthead."
4/30/2005 08:27:49 AM

"Anonymity is as honorable as it is necessary."
4/30/2005 11:48:56 PM

What honor is there in name calling? It simply proves the caller's lack of intelligence.
If you are trying to show that you are smarter than the Pig, don't jump in the mud with it.

I'm confused. What part of my post can be construed as name-calling?

Maybe it was my typo. I meant to say "get down off your high horse," and left off an 'r,' so it ended up "you high horse." (If you're not familiar with that expression, it means "don't act so superior.") Is that what you're referring to? If so, I apologize for the mistake and misunderstanding.

Publius (with apologies to Alexander Hamilton)

Perhaps you are an "external" poster not familiar with the whole Nanos story. If so, let me fill you in on a little detail: Back in July, Nanos berated the entire workforce in an embarrasing display of childish name-calling. He referred to LANL scientists as "arrogant cowboys" and "buttheads."

So the poster was just throwing Nanos's own words back at him. Get it?
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