Thursday, April 14, 2005

Richardson calls Lockheed-UC partnership ideal

Richardson calls Lockheed-UC partnership ideal


Monitor Staff Writer

State officials have greeted the news that outgoing Sandia National Laboratories Director C. Paul Robinson will be heading up Lockheed Martin Corp.'s pursuit of the management contract for Los Alamos National Laboratory warmly.

And while Gov. Richardson is pleased with the move, he maintains his unwavering support for the University of California.


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If I were UC at this point, I'd simply put my d*ck back in my pants and walk away.
Watch Bill talk out of both sides of his mouth! He's "unwavering support of UC". Right.
Richardson is indeed, a real sleaze. I remember when he came to LANL about 3 months into the "Nanos Shutdown", because he had heard that there might be a few morale problems at LANL. In fact, I was one of the hand-picked LANL staffers elected to attend his presentation at the admin auditorium.

He was a sleaze then, too.

A powerful political sleaze, but a sleaze none the less.
6:45 - I think they're trying, but it got caught in the zipper.

Richardson, Domenici, Bingaman, NM Universities, they'll all be playing all sides. It's NM, "Stepping Stone to the Third World." What else would you expect?
No one on this blog has thought yet of a possibility that happens all the time in the rest of the military-industrial complex when the big gun companies (Northrup Grumman, Boeing, Lockmart) go after big contracts. Often, a company like LockMart (or for that matter smaller subcontractors too..) will partner with several different other companies and participate in a bid on a contract several ways (sometimes in the lead on one, and in a support role in the other) in parallel, being carefull to firewall off the separate bidding teams from each other during the proposal preparation phase. One could imagine one bidding team including UC and Lockmart, and another with UT and Lockmart, internally separated within LockMart. If that is the case, I wonder which one Paul Robinson might be part of....?
and by the way Bill is also not seeking the position of Vice President, and would not accept it if offered because he is so busy as Governor. He recently announced that his hard work as governor has paid off, and because of his efforts we can expect the sun to rise tomorrow.
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