Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Regarding Nanos' "Moron" comment:

From Anonymous:

Regarding Nanos' "Moron" comment [during his Congressional Hearing]:

This comment came during the Q&A session after his opening remarks. I have found a transcript for the opening remarks but not the Q&A. The full video used to be on CSPAN’s web site but apparently it was removed on the morning of March 21 (the testimony dates from March 18, 2005). You can find the full testimony including the Q&A on the The Committee on Energy and Commerce’s website:

Follow this link to Connect to the archive of this hearing webcast. Nanos’ “Moron” comment comes at about the 2 hour 31 minute mark after a question from Congressman Wilson of Oregon:

Mr. WILSON: Is there a…uh…event to turn in there media before they’re allowed out the door?

Dr. NANOS: Yes sir, as a matter of fact in some areas you’ll find people walking around with chains around their neck with a big orange card on it. It’s called the “M-card” or the moron card.

The laughter that follows comes from Nanos alone…it’s a tough room. The next question from Mr. Wilson is interesting in that he asks if Nanos believes he has “buy in” from the LANL employees.

No buy in here. -One of Nanos' "morons".
Bad taste - because in invoked images of other people having to wear badges of discrimination from the "Scarlet Letter" to "the Warsaw ghetto." Bad timing - because the failed director was on national television. Bad choice of audiences - because it was in front of a Congressional committee looking for reasons to yank the contract from UC. Bad casting - because the world saw a failed director trying to make a joke that only he found humorous. Bad for the folks back home - because they were embarrassed that they have a clown for a director.
Amen to that.
Pete mis-read his 3x5 cue card: "M" stands for "Mormon," not "Moron."
(You can get your very own "M" from the Latter-Day Saints Church secret control chamber at LANL--if you know the secret handshake.)
Listen, guy, take your anti-mormon stuff elsewhere. It detracts from the real issues at hand. Last I checked, freedom of religion was one of the many freedoms we are defending with our defense dollars (at Los Alamos).
Yeah, enough of this anti-Mormon rhetoric. Let's move on to bad mouthing the real problem at LANL -- those pesky Catholics!
Is Nanos Catholic?
No, he is not. Would it make a difference to you if he was?

Nanos is a devout Episcopalian. Sings in the TOTH choir every Sunday morning.

The LDS "secret control chamber" comment appeared elsewhere in this blog. Also, some Utah Navy jokes...

Who cares what "God" Nanos believes in?

He should just go. Let "God" sort out the rest.
The only "God" Nanos believes in is himself. Unless of course you consider that as a so called PhD. and a three star Admiral he may just think that he out-ranks God.
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