Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Regarding good times in Dodge City

From Anonymous:

If the new "sheriff" comes in and thinks he's going to "kick ass" and "clean up the Lab" then he will also fail. The plows and anvils are loaded on the wagons and plenty of dry powder is now on hand. We now have a heliostat signal system thanks to Doug and his Blog. It won't take long for the rest of the very mobile staff to finish packing up and head to "Californie", home of the triple distilled.

There's probably still time (but it's now down to weeks) to salvage something of the Lab but any new management will have to be very careful and very inspiring. Otherwise, the rest of Los Alamos National Laboratory will crumble through their hands like dust.
- a 25 year plus TSM

If the new interim director acts and behaves like a caretaker, he might as well be an undertaker because this place will continue to go down. I sincerely hope that is not the case and as soon a Bob Kuckuck arrives and sets up office I will met with him to wish him the best and offer my help where needed.

BTW, I don't want to get a comment from Festus of Dodge City. With Nanos gone maybe it will not be necessary to dodge at all.
I do not know about you guys and all the hype about your job at LANL. But when you really get down to it you are all pretty much prisoners of the USA just as I am. The only diverance is is that the good ole USA throws lots of money in your pockets. I for one can not and will not be bought by the USA military industrial complex. Unfortnately because of my Gamma Tau Tokomak clearance and other things I have seen and done I now can not leave the USA for any reason. Not even a tenured position at Wairoa College New Zeland Which I would have loved to have taken that job if the USA military industrial complex had not ordered me in so many terms not to leave the USA at all or suffer the consequences.. Good luck...
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