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Ray Juzaitis was the second choice rushed in to replace Nanos

From Anonymous:

Ray Juzaitis was the second choice rushed in to replace Nanos who was the preference of Admiral Foley until that choice was nixed as indicated per comment 6:31 PM in this post. Ray had been offered the Livermore job, had accepted it, was in an anteroom awaiting his being introduced to the Livermore staff assembled in the auditorium. The opposition to Ray's appointment certainly involved some of the staff (maybe they would have preferred Nanos; now there's a thought). Teller was fully engaged in the opposition, his last opportunity before his death to shaft someone from Los Alamos, Oppenheimer being the first. President Dynes pulled the appointment while Ray was awaiting his coronation. Ray left -- I suppose through a back door -- and returned to Los Alamos. With the hiring of Nanos and his elevation first to interim and then permanent Director, Ray's life on the job progressively worsened. After much frustration, he accepted a job at Livermore of all places and advised Nanos of his departure date. Nanos immediately appointed Sue Seestrom to replace Ray. (A practitioner of conspiracy theory might possibly conclude that Nanos harbored latent thoughts that Ray had helped engineer his being denied the Livermore appointment but no evidence supports that possibility.) Nanos did, however, direct John Immele to immediately reduce Ray's salary (this was before the newly announced AM-242 rewrite). Nanos took this punitive action so that Ray would enter Livermore at a reduced salary. Livermore and Los Alamos have an agreement that limits raises in such inter-laboratory transfers. John Immele carried out the order (Nanos apparently lacked the courage to do the deed himself). Fortunately, our HR moves so slowly that the paperwork had not been completed before Ray left for Livermore. Sometimes for snails and sluggish bureaucracies engaged in underhanded agendas, slow is a good thing.

This episode is another possible example of how our Director might use administrative processes as tools of revenge (abuse of process). It also provides possible insights into the lack of courage residing in the Office of the President of the University of California.

I am dismayed by what I see here. I am heartened only by the prospect that change might be on the horizon, the one with the rising sun.

8:53 AM shows great promise as a writer of fiction. Nanos was not one of finalists for the Livermore director job. See for example
for an account of the last-minute switch.
The UC President at the time of the Livermore director selection was Richard Atkinson, not Robert Dynes.
The UC President at the time of the Livermore director selection was Richard Atkinson, not Robert Dynes.
I am not certain that RayJ was really up to the task. He is a screamer in the same style as Admiral Butthead.
This orginal post is just bizarre -- Ray J did have to withdraw, and it was because of the line chain for Wen Ho Lee. Terrible embarassament, but nothing at all to do with Nanos.

Nanos was hired by Browne -- Nanos was actively soliciting jobs at one of the Labs, and during a washington visit JB promised to hire Nanos. No particular job in mind - so when Nanos showed up JB had to come up with a job. Cobb had continuely refused to have a deputy (a very typical cobb "pride" thing - he wants to control everything), but JB told Cobb he had to have a deputy, and it would be Nanos. Although the relationship was frosty at first, DC and PN become friends - PN likes to talk about what he learned from Cobb (scary, eh?). When JB was fired, Foley reached in a grabbed the one person he trusted - another Admiral. No one should underestimate the fraternity of the Naval Academy officers.

I realize the story would be better with more conspiracy - but it is really a matter of stupid decisions, and plain bad luck. If only JB had not made the offer, if only Cobb had a deputy, if only the VP for Lab Management was not an Adm.
Here is a list of factual errors in the 8:53 AM posting:
1. Linton Brooks became the administrator of the National Nuclear Security Administration of 16 May 2003, almost a year after the Livermore director was selected.
2. Robert Dynes was selected as UC President on 11 June 2003, one year after the Livermore director was selected.
3. S. Robert Foley was appointed as vice president for laboratory management in the UC President's Office on 1 November 2003, more than a year after the Livermore director was selected. He succeeded John McTague, who was responsible for the Livermore director search. See

Mike Anastasio was named director of Livermore on 4 June 2002. Is anything about the 8:53 AM posting true?
One interesting caveat. Nanos has always hated Ray Jay. In a brown bag, he singled RJ out as an example of "incompetant management". Ironic, but true, nonetheless.
Even Nanos isn't wrong about everything.
Nanos was interesting in the Livermore position and was blacklisted by a person highly respected at Livermore.
Ray J. was at Livermore awaiting being introduced as the new director when the offer was withdrawn by the President of UC, granted that was Atkinson and not Dynes. Ray was axed not for the Lee affair but because he was resisted by Livemove staff for their own reasons and they had enlisted the support of Teller. (To say that Ray was involved in the Lee case is itself a work of fiction). Ray returned to Los Alamos and yes he and Nanos had their significant differences that led eventually to Ray going back to Livermore. Cobb always had deputies both as a division leader and as an associate director. Yes, Nanos did order a cut in his salary for the purposes stated.
BTW, the original poster did not say that Admiral Foley was UCOP only that he supported Nanos. He did and he still does apparently. Therefore, it seems to me that the only part where the poster erred was in identifying the party occupying the UC President's seat. Even so, Dynes must support Nanos or why is he still the director here.
The orginal post is bogus. Nanos was never considered a candidate for LLNL Director, and Foley had nothing to do with it....why does there seem to be support for this baloney? Now I see posters trying to nit the language (the poster "only said that Foley supported nanos, not that he was UCOP").

Nanos did not like RayJ -- so what? Nanos does like hardly anyone. Nanos does lots of things that are crazy bad, but trying to reduce the salary of a *former* AD is not stupid at all. Why is this consider retribution? Why should a person carry a 250 K salary for being a TSM?

The insistance that Teller stopped RJay is also incorrect. RJay was blamed for the line failure for Wen Ho Lee -- this is a fact (fair or not). Teller did not make UC change its mind.
Ray's role as line-manager in the WHL case was fully known at the time the offer was made and Ray accepted the Livermore position. What revelation fell down from heaven when Ray was waiting outside the auditorium to be announced? Who was the Lone Ranger who rode in to save the day? Who was the Tonto that made it happen? Do things just happen by magic in the Golden State?
Stupid or not, salaries were not reduced as a matter of policy (AM 242) but were frozen in place for several years.
Just which one did Doctor Teller suport, Jay Juzaitis or Mike Anastasio?

I don't see Linton Brooks even mentioned at all in the original posting. Yet, the poster at 7:05 states emphatically that one of the factual errors in the original posting was that "Linton Brooks became the administrator of the National Nuclear Security Administration of 16 May 2003, almost a year after the Livermore director was selected."
9:31 PM is correct. It was actually the 6:31 PM post yesterday, referred to above, that described the naval triad of Brooks, Foley, and Nanos as the players who sent Nanos to Los Alamos after he was passed over for the Livermore job. It's still unsupported by the time line.
Agreed, this thread has been interesting and I personally found the discussion productive. Ideas were put on the table discussed rationally. Timelines were established and facts and hypotheses were run to ground. It the convergence in time and space of possibly unrelated things that spin conspiracies. Of course, they also spin scientific inquiry. I think the original poster is to be congratulated for making us think and the comment posters are to be congratulated for the same thing.

On the other hand, I can understand a purely chaotic situation. However, I cannot believe, in my gut maybe as opposed to my brain, that the sad state of affairs at Los Alamos is the product of purely random events that have befallen us seemingly simultaneously with all vectors pointing in a uniformly negative direction. Entropy almost proscribes such an occurrence in the physical world and arguably impossible in the world of contemporary bureaucracies.
The sad state of affairs is NOT the product of purely random events. For years the Laboratory was largely unaccountable and provided a healthy entitlement program to its workers. People got used to it. Then accountablility reared its ugly head and the people at LANL gnashed their teeth and gnawed their tongues and cursed their director for heaping a sad state of affairs upon them instead of rejoicing that they had previously been able to partake of such wonder and paradise previously. The CREM and Laser Incidents were the bite of the apple, and now all of LANL has become aware of its wretched nakedness and has been cast out of the Garden to live as the rest of the beasts of the world ...
Both posters who say that Livermore resisted RJ as director and that it was the fact that RayJ was in WHL's chain of command that cost him the job are right as RJ waited for confirmation for the job.
I received an email from a friend at Livermore, and it may even have been in a news story out there, that there is a popular talk show in the area of Livermore that a lot of the LLNL employees listen to. They were calling in and grumbling that a Los Alamos person was about to be put in charge of their Lab -- the long standing rivalry between the two. It came out that RJ was WHL's boss, though it must not have come out that RJ wasn't even informed of the WHL story. The talk show host became so incensed that he decided to call Spenser Abraham on the phone right there on the show. He did so -- media can get through some times when the rest of us can't. He told Abraham that Jusitis was WHL's boss and within two hours RJ was no longer in line to be director of Livermore. The media may not be accurate but they are definitely powerful.
I had the opportumity to interview Dr. Teller before he passed away. We did talk about Los Alamos Scientific Lab, and Dr, Teller was very angry that the Lab was not producing any scientists that are Nobel laurate material. He had given up on Los Alamos beacuse of the lack of top scientists being attracted or produced. Dr. Teller could have cared less about Ray J. or Pete N. They weren't in his league.
So what if Ray was docked some pay; as if all these high level National Lab managers don't make enough money as it is...
To poster 7:44:
Los Alamos has never been the Eden you describe. From its inception just living here has been a challenge. People came here because they realized that science cannot be kept in a bottle and that evil people were playing games with the most potent bottle on the shelf. The names and accents of the evil people have changed but their interest in that bottle has not and so people must continue to come here.

I hope that at least in my lifetime and the lifetimes of my children that the potent bottle will not fall off the shelf into the heart of one of our cities. If that happens, our society will not be standing naked with the half-eaten apple containing the knowledge of good and evil. Instead, it will among the smoking ashes and the ruble of our past greatness.

You possibly know a different cast of people than I work with every day. Most of the people I know are driven by this image. They know that more than to contemporary processes, their accountability rests with the American people who invest in this place to keep this Nation safe and secure. If we lose focus on this center feature of our being and if those in charge persist in shackling us with constant turmoil and processes that smother creativity, we will have failed already. God, I wish people who play such games could for once share my nightmares.
What a difference an hour makes 7:44 had it all wrong, and 8:44 has is all right. Maybe there is hope for Los Alamos afterall...From each according to his ability, to each according to his work. Let's get on with it.
While Ray J did not hold WHL's hand during the file transfers, he was responsible for the "anything goes" attitude towards security in X-Division. WHL made up his own rules but this was very common in X-Division at the time. The guidance from the Division office, and Ray J, on such matters was "don't ask, don't tell". "Need to know" was not enforced and vault security was very lax, as shown up by the 2000 "hard drive" case. I would say that the X-Division environment led directly to the WHL case, and that Ray J, and other managers should have been fired.
The unexamined part of th4e WHL case is that some of the files on the tape were classified as PARD (a lower classification) when their content would dictate SRD. Apparently this was done for "ease of use" as PARD handling is relaxed. Again, those responsible, including Ray J, should have been fired. Part of the LANL problem is that the WHL case did not lead to a management shake up. It should have.
Fight fire with fire ...

Pete gave me one of his famous verbal lashing at his madatory retreat and later told me that I should look for employment elsewhere and jokingly said that as long as he was alive I would not find employment anywhere at UC. I kept quiet - why fuel his fire.
One of my wife's relatives is Chairman of the Joint Choiefs of Staff. Pete's son works as a doctor at Bethesda in the Navy. His son, George Junior, was informally told that he would be transferred to a ship off of Africa. I asked Pete how his son's transfer was going, and Pete could change his tune fast enough. Pete has given me the freedom and budget to accomplish the Lab's mission.
In Los Alamos, we never know whose relatives we are addressing or abrading. Possibly our director should periodically visit a genealogical website. Looking up the lineages of people like Laura Bush, especially the maiden name of her mother Jenna, might be interesting. The world is indeed a small place. Incidentally, less we forget, Laura Bush was invited to address the graduating seniors in University of California at Los Angeles, Graduate School of Education & Information Studies, and then was uninvited by the university because she “was not qualified,” see Daily Bruin ( and ). This snub is most interesting considering that Laura is a national leader in promoting early reading literacy and is only the second First Lady with an advanced degree, viz. a Masters in Library Science from you-know-where, the University of Texas. As we get closer to the contract competition I wonder if somewhere someone might be whistling, “The eyes of Texas are upon you.”
There are some really nice longhorn cattle just down the road from me. I could takes some photos for y'all to hang up in your offices if you like.
Very nice 11:14 - that twist on Karl Marx's, "From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs."
I am a database administrator in IM Division for EP and I looked at the salary history for Ray J.

He was never docked and maintained his $240,000 per year salary.

And don't forget the people he hired ...
The poster at 12:35 pm is so off-base I wonder whether or not he is a UPTE-weenie.

Security in X-Div was far from an "anything goes" attitude. People took their jobs seriously and followed the rules to the letter.

As far as WHL goes, the main problem with the WHL case was that he didn't end up in jail.

To poster 4/12/2005 07:22:02 AM:
The original poster concurs with EP. He or she said, "Fortunately, our HR moves so slowly that the paperwork had not been completed before Ray left for Livermore." Ergo, Ray's salary was not docked. I know for a fact that it was Nanos' intent and direction that Ray's salary would be cut. I supposed with EP Nanos will be able to zap people at the speed of slight. Can EP provide us with a running tally of the reams of paper procured by month for the last two years? My son is doing a class project on the deforestation of North America.
4/10/2005 12:35:05 PM doesn't have a clue. In fact, X-div personnel made multiple requests to ADNWP and to Security-div to solve the problem of having NEST share a vault with ASCI. The requests resulted in a few meetings that produced no results, and no acknowledgement from S-div that a problem existed. The ADNWP security officer even went so far as to confiscate the requests so as to remove evidence of a paper trail pointing to a problem that she decided to ignore! (She didn't get all of the paper, btw) Yes, management was culpable, but you have to know where to look. X-div personnel took security seriously. If it was not all that it could be, it was not because of RayJ (although there are other issues with him), but because of the ADNWP security officer's and S-divisions' negligence and incompetence.

WHL deliberately acted way outside of what was accepted practice within X-div. No question about that. He deserved every second that he spent in jail, and more.
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