Saturday, April 30, 2005

Posting Guidelines

Now would be a good time for me to mention the following:

To date I've been fairly lenient in enforcing the posting requirements for this blog (on topic and professional) choosing to err on the side of leniency at times to avoid casting a pall of censorship on this forum.

Starting from this point, however, I will be a bit more strict. If this blog is to continue to be of value, then it needs to mature somewhat. Reread the sidebar link entitled "Posting Guidelines" to refresh your memories on what is acceptable, please, and help to keep the dialog on a constructive course.



Thank you, my name has been used frequently by certain individuals who cannot eccept the truth or choose to be invictive without facts presented in a forum where you are given the right to face, and then contradict accusation.
Todd Kauppila
Thanks Doug for keeping it on a more professional level.
In my opinion, any post that is nothing but a harsh personal attack should be killed if posted anonymously. If you want to ream someone a new orifice, at least be honorable enough to put your name to it.

I have no problem with anonymous posts with inside information or content that could affect someone's career, of course (though even in these cases, signed posts certainly carry more weight than anonymous ones).
I re-read the rules and all make sense except one --" No personal attacks."
Isn't the entire purpose of this blog a personal attack on Pete Nanos? There have definitely ben personal attacks on others as well. There are various kinds of personal attacks like saying that a certain person was a terrible manager. Is this not what we are saying about Nanos? It is hard to know where to stop on personal attacks other than out right disparagement such as calling someone something like "scum" which offers no information except that the writer doesn't like the person.
So where do we draw the line on personal attacks? This whole thing is a personal attack.
Another minor problem is -- I don't see a spell checker on this blog. Is there one? Or do you mean go look up your spelling in a dictionary?
11:56 --

There is a marked difference between voicing a professional criticism against an individual, and a personal attack. If the difference is not clear, then perhaps your submission needs more thought before clicking the "submit" button.

Similarly, if the requirement of insuring that your submission is correctly spelled is too onerous, then perhaps you are attempting to post in a venue where you just might not belong.
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