Friday, April 15, 2005

New noon-time posting locations

For those keeping track of such things, I have a few new locations from which to add noon-time posts to the blog: a couple of our downtown Los Alamos business establishments now offer free wireless internet to accompany their other services. My (own personal) Mac laptop and I are now frequent visitors.


Where are they?
The Trinity Beverage Company and the Hilltop House.

Doug, don't get me wrong, I don't mind knowing were you make noon-time posts, but why do feel you need to tell us where you are posting from?
It has been clearly explained to me by the LANL Public Affairs office that LANL staff have the right to express their First Amendment rights (via blogging, if so desired) as long as it is done on the employee's personal time, without using government resources, and without representing one's self as an official LANL spokesperson (no doubt on this last one, I suspect). Being somewhat sensitive to these criteria, I wanted it to be clearly known from where I was posting to the blog, and with what resources, during lunch.

I'm glad to see that some Los Alamos business establishments have been dragged kicking and screaming into the 20th century.
It's the 21st century!
It's the 21st century! It would be the 20th
century only if the first century were century 0, rather than century 1. However since there were no C programmers around then, we are stuck with the year 2005 being in the 21st century!
My, how the centuries do fly by.
To 4/16/2005 11:12:37.
I was just being sarcastic.
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