Tuesday, April 05, 2005

More on the W76

British and American nuclear warheads carried by submarines are so poorly designed that they may fail to detonate if fired, scientists have said.

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This is beginning to make me angry. Dick Morse is NOT a nuclear weapon designer!
Dick Morse is also a fool - see Harold Agnew's remarks of 30 years ago. But such people can make headlines - as we know too well
I might not have said fool, but I wouldn't argue with it in this context. Morse has had what might be called a "colorful" past.

I worked on and off with the w76 for nearly as long as I have known Dick. I would bet my life on a 76, but not on Dick Morse.
As I understand classification rules, I believe some of the information in this article falls into the classified category. Perhaps it is widely known, but at Livermore they wouldn't even be able to say the name of this weapon in public? Will the FBI soon be arresting Mr. Morse and the writer of this article? Or is this a change of policy regarding classification?
He might be a nut, but it's Dr. Morse
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