Wednesday, April 20, 2005

More on LBL

From Anonymous:


I thought this would be an interesting post.

Berkeley lab stays with UC
University faces tougher competition to keep other two national operations
By Ian Hoffman, STAFF WRITER

The University of California basked in accolades from federal officials and itself Tuesday after winning at least five more years at the helm of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, a contract for which there was no other bidder.


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Good old UC doing what they do so well, patting themselves on the back for winning a race with only one runner. To bad the DOE didn't do what they were driven to, by the Congress, at LANL; namely insist that there had to be more than one bidder. Now, that would have been fun.
That said, and the farce over, LBL is nonetheless a very sound Lab, perhaps because they don't do nuclear weapons and therefore aren't under the NNSA. They also have a "real" Director with real credentials.
Thank goodness LM has stepped up to save UC the embarrassment of LOSING a race where there is only runner!
This is known as "Special Olympics".
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