Tuesday, April 19, 2005

More On LBL Contract Announcement

From Anonymous:

It should be noted that the LBNL Director (Nobel prize winner Steve Chu) was traveling in Korea at the time of this announcement but called in and was available for comments and questions via telephone.

The AD for Operations made the announcement. UC has won the contract to operate LBNL for 5 more years.
An official (Andrea?) from DOE's Office of Science was present to answer specific questions for DOE.

President Dynes joined in about 20 minutes late via cell phone. He gave lots of Kudos to Steve Chu and his leadership.
Paraphrasing Dynes responding to a reporter.

"How does the entry of Lockheed Martin enter into the decision
regarding bidding on Los Alamos?"
Dynes - "It does not... the UC regents will decide on whether to bid
when the RFP is on the street which it is not.
We are proceeding as if we will compete with intention to win as we
did with the Berkeley Lab"

Questions about details of contract: Performance award amount.
Dual-use LBNL/UC campus facilities
Speculation about beyond 5 years
Discussion of:
Molecular foundary Carbon fuel alternatives
Supercomputing facilities

"Does this award influence UC's decision to bid on Los Alamos and Livermore?"
Dynes - "The decision depends more on whether DOE's RFP indicates an interest in Science and Technology laboratories."

Lots of oblique questions suggesting that there was only one bidder... UC. UC and LBNL avoided the question, saying they did not know who else was in the competition. DOE/OS also avoided the question.

Several direct questions about LBL's "carbon-neutral" energy initiatives. Steve Chu answered these via cell-phone as he left his hotel room, rode the elevator and got in a car to be driven to the airport... he never missed a beat.

End of transmission

And this matters because....?
Because UC currently operates three national labs, LBL, LLNL, LANL. What has not been mentioned yet is that there were no other bidders for LBL because UC owns the land they sit on.
You see this matters, because it clearly shows the DOE does not have any sort of hidden agenda or anti-UC bias, however I can’t help but wonder if their pension plan was removed from UC control??
What? No questions about the junk LBL foisting off as DARHT 2nd-axis accelerator components? The cost of that ineptness makes Alexander's and Bussonlini's thievery look like real small potatoes.
To 8:37pm, it was my understanding that the LBL re-bid lets the staff remain in the UC pension. Also, unlike the LANL re-bid, the LBL staff will also remain as UC employees, as the RFP didn't force LBL to form a Limited Liability Corporation. LANL is getting a raw deal from DOE on these two important points.
I agree.
WHO YOU GONNA' CALL? I now know how we can reach UC President Dynes...Steve Chu can act as our intermediary and can call him on his cell phone. He doesn't seem to respond to any other means of communication from any
of us out here in "east" LA.
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