Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Lets Do Lunch

Lets Do Lunch
I will look forward to visiting with you over lunch tomorrow, Thursday April 28, 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM, in Room C of the Otowi Cafeteria area (north of the stair). I appreciate the number of you who have confirmed your attendance. I will reserve for you some of Mrs. Stradling's wonderful pecan sticky rolls.

Gary Stradling

This fellow calls his own wife (or mother or daughter-in-law) Mrs. Stradling?
Gary- Tell Mrs. Stradling thanks in advance. It may be the last free dessert we see for a while :)
Would love to attend your pro-Nanos luncheon on Thursday, Gary, but I
just looked at my calendar book and realized I have a "Going-Away" party
to attend on that very same afternoon for a certain fellow who's high-up
on the LANL management chain (hint, hint). I'll be bringing along some of
Mrs. Smith's wonderful Barcardi Rum punch, so party goers can properly
celebrate and blissfully forget the shenanigans of the past year. The
ol'lady makes one helluva punch. If you see some people laughing loudly
with lampshades on their heads running naked down the hallways of the
Otowi building screaming "Happy days are here again!", well, that'll be

I am glad that someone with an opposing view point is at least reading this blog. However, what I don't think you understand is how little difference it really will make. Yes, I understand that my pessimism is a choice, as your optimism is your choice. But my pessimism is based on a lot of data, not just blind emotions. I have been to numerous brown bag lunches with Pete and members of the SET where we were told that it was a place that we could ask any questions we felt important. However, what it turned into was Pete doing his usual response.

I am sure that most readers of this blog have seen this response. It generally involves Pete starting to answer your question. Then he starts to get angry at the question itself. It finally falls apart with a complete angry breakdown with no real answer being given. At no point will Pete have actually listened to your concern. He just gets mad. And when that happens, I have a real hard time taking him seriously when he claims that we are good people doing important work. He loses all credibility with me.

What is even worse though is that usually the people asking these questions get chewed out by upper management for asking them. It certainly has happened to me on numerous occasions and I doubt I am the only one.

My questions for you aree these: why should people show up to yet another one of these sessions where no real dialogue is capable of occuring (since Pete is not capable of listening)? Why should we waste our time and energy by getting nothing but frustrated by Pete's inability to listen to what we have to say and what our concerns are? Why should we put ourselves in the place to get chastised by upper management when it is all over?

As for me, I have wasted way too much time in a room with the SET or Pete to really think that it matters. My blood pressure is way too high and I have developed an ulcer. I have been dupped way too many times into similar meetings and have vowed to not attend another one.

So good luck with your lunch, Gary. I, for one, intend to have other plans.
Hi Gary,
I intended to attend, but some silly thing came up in the lab. Posting a summary of the discussion would be greatly appreciated.
Gary, I admire and respect you. I don't think you're a sycophant and I have posted in your defense on this blog on multiple occasions.

However, I am a UC "probationary employee" and can be fired on a Nanos whim, so I could not take the risk of coming to your lunch today. I was afraid that if Nanos were there I could not remain civil and would have said something that would have jeopardized my job. I thought it better to not to show up than take that risk.

Would you be so kind as to post a synopsis of your conversations and observations on this blog? I know you are trying to do what's good for the long-term of the laboratory and you're taking a lot of heat from the Nanos-haters, but Nanos is gone and we need to build our own future.

I value your opinions (even though I many not agree with all of them) and I respect you for not only expressing them but in defending yourself in an adult and professional fashion. We're not ALL flamers out here. I look forward to someday meeting you face-to-face.
Thanks Dawn. Send me an e-mail at work if you want to discuss further.
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