Tuesday, April 05, 2005

The Laboratory staff has shown great dedication

From: Pete Nanos
To: All Employees
Subject: Alternative Work Schedules
Symbol: DIR-05-134

The Laboratory staff has shown great dedication, initiative and
resilience in the process of resuming operations. I am
particularly encouraged by the noteworthy progress that has been
made toward re-establishing programmatic timelines since we
became fully operational in January; Friday's successful
hydrotest at DARHT exemplifies how the Laboratory is moving
forward in excellence as a trusted, dedicated national-security

As I have said on prior occasions, this institution would
consider reinstating alternative work schedules once operations
were fully resumed and as long as such schedules made sense from
business and programmatic perspectives. I want to thank members
of the Executive Board for providing such thoughtful input on
options related to alternative work schedules. As a result, the
Laboratory is evaluating options for alternative work schedules
that will ensure appropriate daily staffing levels that comply
with programmatic, mission and business requirements, while
providing a suite of flexible and attractive options to meet the
personal and professional needs of our work force. These options
have been benchmarked with other organizations within the
DOE/NNSA complex, and, when implemented, will allow managers to
make the best choices for meeting their organizations' own unique
needs and circumstances.

I remain hopeful that the Laboratory can begin moving ahead with
the necessary steps to obtain UC and NNSA approvals. Thank you
again for your input and support.


Gee. Thanks, Pete.
A few facts about Friday's hydrotest. First, without Pete's shutdown, the test would have fired, albeit slightly behind schedule, last September. Second, after the great purge, DX Division is running on fumes with a massive exodus of key personnel in recent months. That exodus continues today unabaited. Third, the inane processes that have been put in place by Nanos et al. actually increase the hazards to LANL workers. One example of this fiasco is the use of gigantic foam silos designed to "mitigate" beryllium and improve public perception of LANL waste streams. Despite a wealth of data that clearly indicates absolutely no beryllium hazard to the public from over 40 years of hydrotesting, Pete and the SET unilatterally decided (ignoring the views of experts involved) to build these silos on each and every shot where beryllium is involved. The net effect is that countless workers are potentially exposed to not only increased levels of beryllium residue, but must also build, and dispose of, these huge silos with heavy equipment in a process that takes months and adds millions to the costs of each hydrotest. On this particular hydrotest, all of the major safety accidents that did occur were a direct result of silo construction. One man nearly lost his fingers on silo construction, and another crashed a government vehicle into a gate "protecting" the unnecessary silo work. Good job Pete! Once again, you have every reason to be proud...or ashamed of the monsters you have created. Scott Watson (lead experimentalist on hydrotest 3625).
It is very interesting that Lab management did not comment on the shot set-up accidents. Does anyone remember the last time DX-Division suffered an accident, on the firing point, as serious as nearly severed fingers?
Were do the take the debis from such a shot?? Thet take it to the magic sled track and burn it releasing all the contamination they proudly claim was contained
This latest Nanogram reminds me of the saying in Virgil's Aeneid, "Timeo Danaos et donna ferentes" or "Beware of Greeks bearing gifts."

Scott's response puts things in the right context. Nanos uses the heroic efforts of those that he has publicly belittled to praise and justify the belittlement. He hides within the gifts of others.
How about some facts Pete?

1) The hydro was performed under a 0/3 exemption. DX IS STILL NOT "fully operational"-- and probably won't ever be again. The next two hydros are planned to be performed under 0/3 exemption.

2) Parts of DX were approved to BEGIN restarting Feb. 17. The entire laboratory was NOT "fully operational in January", as Pete would lead you to believe.

DX is still restarting operations!
Gee, but the Laboratory has been fully stood up and that event was celebrated in the press and, I believe, before Congress. Plus, Baghdad Bob has said it's so!
The final schedule on the COMPASS web site shows DX resuming full operation in July, after completing hydro 3612.
COMPASS - run by a person who couldn't even run SUP-Div correctly, but got rewarded nevertheless. And we're supposed to take this seriously?
Hey Pete, Stick it in your six you moron. It's far too late to try sucking up now. We're not buyin it.
You hate our guts and we hate yours.It's time for us to part company. You go first.
No thanks, Pete! A day off every other week will not change my intense anger over your blatant disrespect and misuse of your "authority". The best thing you can do for my morale is to RESIGN! And take your SET puppets with you!
Congrats to all involved in the recent hydrotest, a small but very significant step!
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