Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Jeannette Wallace

From Anonymous:

Jeannette Wallace is now a huge stakeholder in this competition as her son Terry Wallace, Jr. is in one of the jobs that will certainly be filled by the new contractor, Associate DIrector of Strategic Research. I am sure Ms. Wallace would be dismayed to see her son have to leave Los Alamos so soon after his homecoming. I for one certainly will not miss him when he sails off with the good ship Nanos.

I will certainly not miss JEANNETTE if she were to sail off with sonny!!!
Terry Wallace is absolutely one of the most outstanding scientists and managers at this laboratory and was chosen for the position of ADSR for much more than just UC contract reasons. He has done more for EES Division's position in the laboratory and morale in just over a year than any other Division Leader was ever able to accomplish in it's history. Now, he is working very hard to pick up the pieces of what is left of ADSR after the shutdown to return the nation's focus on the spectacular science happening in its Divisions instead of dwelling on the events of last year. If any of your are questioning his abilities as a manager, why don't you take a look at the Division Review Committee report for EES last year, which was ranked "Outstanding" (a first in it's history) which would not have been possible without Terry's superb leadership? If that doesn't satisfy your appetite, just ask any of his subordinates about his accomplishments as Division Leader for EES and now as ADSR. You will hear only glowing compliments on his incredible support and dedication to this laboratory and its workers.

Not to mention, Jeanette Wallace has dedicated 30 years of her life to helping the community and you people have the nerve to slam her and her son without stating any reasons why.

Shame on all of you for posting such outrageous comments on here. This blog should be a place for constructive adult conversation. Not slander.
4/13/2005 02:19:01:

Thank you for your comments regarding Terry Wallace. You have to realize that many readers of the blog only know some of the managers at LANL by name. It certainly helps those of us who do not have first-hand experience with the individuals in question to hear another side of the story.
I have appreciated learning new information from the blog as well as having insigt to people's different opinions. What I do not appreciate is the frequent bashing of people in our community, people who have in many instances served the Lab and the community for a long time.

Unless you've walked in any of these people's shoes for a good while, keep your nasty comments to yourself.
Note that state senators make no salary, just per diem while they're in session. Whether or not you agree with someone's politics, service in the state legislature really is a service position.
a difference in political opinion is no reason to wish someone death. if that was sufficient justification, you too (anonymous 3:39 PM post) would be among the slaughtered. this nation is built to protect the freedom of differences. if you don't like it, maybe you shouldn't live here.

i am not a republican either, but i do respect what they have to offer our communities. grow up and appreciate the opportunities you have been given.
3:59 Our legislators don't make a salary but boy do they make a killing with other means of reimbursement, just ask Debbie Rodella, Manny Aragon, ad nasium. It is not a service to a poor state like ours.
I've seen numerous threads that Doug has arbitrarily censored due to being "unprofessional."
I thought that this one would meet the unprofessional standards imposed by Doug.
Guess I was wrong again.
Please keep it up. The entertainment factor of the few narrow-mined idiots is still a strong pull...
Boy, 4/13/2005 03:39:22 PM sure made a powerful case for ditching the left-wing lunacy of the University of California. Maybe the new LANL should make a degree from any UC school a disqualification for employment. You know, a requirement that only adults need apply.
Actually, 4/13/2005 04:38:22 PM is correct, there are a few comments to this post that do not meet my standards of professionalism. For example, any post that uses the word "pig" to charactorize an individual by definition cannot be professional. As I am on vacation today, I shall immediately start pruning the unprofessional comments from the post.

Thank you for bringing this to my attention.

Ok, I have deleted all comments (but one) that struck me as blatently unprofessional. The one remaining comment of questionable professionalism is the one made at 4/13/2005 04:38:22 PM. Let's take a vote: should that one be removed too?


Leave 4:38... it is a sad heckling style, but the rest of us can ignore it I think. Also note that the post referring to certain people as "pigs" ended by making an indirect reference to personal violence against them... yet more inappropriate than the simile. Sad that anyone needs to take it that far...
I remarked in an earlier thread about some of Jeannette Wallace's comments on the competition. I have met her, she is a nice lady, and anyone who has spent 30 years trying to defend UC and LANL in Santa Fe is probably worthy of sainthood. But the fact remains, as an elected representative, she and others should look to what is best for the community. UC may be the best answer but we will never know if politics is used to stack the cards against competition. Saint Pete finally gave up, too bad he blocked it for so many years.
I don't know what comments were deleted -- obviously something about farm animals - but the original post is just strange. Is there a problem with the State Rep. having a vested interest in the Lab? Is there a problem with her having a son at the Lab? What does Jeannette wallace have to do with Nanos and the stand down of the lab?

I am struck that this post was meant to be a hurtful insult -- "Hey Jeannette, your son is a loser since he is a senior manager at the lab. Hope you enjoy seeing him fired".

Anyway, perhaps this is where the blog has sunk. No longer about discussing issues, but giving hate a few minutes of fame. So many of the recent posts basically say "I hate every manager in the lab, they are all corrupt" - of course this is bogus, and really it comes from absolutely weak individuals. We have JOBS at the lab - it is not a pay ground.
The deleted comments did indeed have to do with barnyard animals, and worse, slaughtering.

Myself, I don't have the problem with the original post that 4/13/2005 07:12:03 PM apparetnly has. The fact that a political representive has a vested interest in which competitor wins the contract seems to me to be to be a fair observation.
To 7:18
What? This is a state rep. with a son at the is this a relevant issue. What does the state rep have to do with the competition. You are so full of your own self importance that you think maybe Jeannette Wallace should resign because her son works at the Lab?

This blog is a hate filled rag.

I should point out I do not know Terry Wallace, but I do know Jeannette well. I am a democrat, but have voted for her 5 times. She has served Los Alamos well, and despite what was said earlier in this blog she has not benefitted in any way by serving in the legislator.
7:48 Sez

"This blog is a hate filled rag."

He sounds like he knows what he is talking about.

I believe the point being made by 7:18 (without, I hasten to add, any discernable hate) was that Jennette Wallace's son is a hightly placed manager at the lab whose continued employment in his current position is at risk if somebody other than UC wins the contract. Hence, she does have a vested interest in whomever wins the contract.

7:48, you _really_ should calm down. You sound like you are headed for an early coronary. And I mean that in the most hate-free of all senses.
Well, I don't know Jeanette Wallace, but I am in Terry Wallce's directorate (ADSR) and I _have_ spoken to him on several occasions. He seems to be the most up-front AD I've ever encountered (I have worked here 25 years), plus he seems quite realistic about the Lab's current predicament. At this point in time, at least, he seems a blessing. He may well be gone in 12 months, but I have no control over that, of course.

I should point out that I _never_ met or spoke to Tom Meyer (former ADSR) in all the time he was employed here.

As for his mother, Jeanette, I don't often agree with her, but I certainly wish her no ill will.
IMHO, we should leave mothers out of this discussion. We are not seeking, or at least I am not seeking, to have someone's mother removed and replaced with another one. This blog, I believe, is focused on the health and heart of the laboratory that is being fatally compromised by one antibody, George Peter Nanos.

BTW, Terry Wallace was not said Nanos' choice. Terry appointment was made by UC over Nanos' choice, the acting incumbent. In my book, that moves Terry up several notches. He did do a very commendable job in running ESS.
Irregardless, I met Terry Wallace recently and he seemed rather clueless just like all the others in the upper echelons.
10:39:44 PM, I did not know that. Who was the acting incumbant, Devaurs? I was not aware that UC had made _any_ decisions regarding the running of LANL since Nanos went beserk.
11:16:03 PM, I bet Wallace doesn't say "Irregardless".

"sage Irregardless originated in dialectal American speech in the early 20th century. Its fairly widespread use in speech called it to the attention of usage commentators as early as 1927. The most frequently repeated remark about it is that "there is no such word." There is such a word, however. It is still used primarily in speech, although it can be found from time to time in edited prose. Its reputation has not risen over the years, and it is still a long way from general acceptance. Use regardless instead."

But, I am sure that 11;16 is well prepared to judge clueless. It is interesting that every senior manager is clueless -- ah, the animal farm is alive and well.
Actually, 11:16 (myself) is not in the habit of judging people he hasn't met. I have not met Terry Wallace, and until I do, I probably won't have an opinion about him.

Irregardless I do tend to form opinions of people who seem illiterate, or rude (and frequently both at the same time) in their postings .
I had a chance to listen to Terry Wallace yesterday during a meeting in MSL. He is an open - minded, intelligent and nice guy with some good ideas. Definitely on our side.

Regarding the name-calling here. It does reduce credibility. Maybe this is the purpose? Anyway: if you have something to say, say it in a civilized way, please.
While Terry Wallace is effective at navigating the politics at LANL, I wonder about his ego, and particular reports in this blog of his claiming credit for someone else's work. His departure from Arizona was precipitated by innappropriate access to student evaluations, which turned up with higher marks then students claimed to have given. Do we want a large ego in charge of LANL?
Small town politics -- of course Jeanette wallace would support her son. However, do we really know what will happen if the LLC with UC (LANS) wins? I understand that almost all leadership will be changed. Terry Wallace seems to be a very good AD, but I have heard that he will be replaced with the rest of the EB.
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