Thursday, April 28, 2005

I have a "Going-Away" party to attend

From Anonymous:

Would love to attend your pro-Nanos luncheon on Thursday, Gary, but I
just looked at my calendar book and realized I have a "Going-Away" party
to attend on that very same afternoon for a certain fellow who's high-up
on the LANL management chain (hint, hint). I'll be bringing along some of
Mrs. Smith's wonderful Barcardi Rum punch, so party goers can properly
celebrate and blissfully forget the shenanigans of the past year. The
ol'lady makes one helluva punch. If you see some people laughing loudly
with lampshades on their heads running naked down the hallways of the
Otowi building screaming "Happy days are here again!", well, that'll be

I'd like to reserve a table for two, please.
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