Saturday, April 02, 2005

Has anybody seen Nanos?

From Anonymous:

Has anybody seen Nanos in the past week? He was absent for the congressional visitation on the 29th, and there has not been a "peep" from the director's office in about two weeks. Is he gone?

Unfortunately, our "Frazier" has not left the building.
But the champagne for the celebration is in the ice and the boatswain's lungs are full of air and his whistle is warm and dry. Everything is ready to pipe the Admiral overboard, with or without a gangplank.
Blood is in the water, the sharks are starting to circle.
The blood on the water is from Nano's many victims. It's poetic justice that it attracts hungry sharks.
He's laying low plotting another made up CREM incident for all of you no believers.
I hear he's off looking for other employment because John Bierly is being brought in as Acting Director and Nanos will be walking (the plank?) soon. We can always hope this is true--might be able to save some of the crew if he were to leave. Ahhhh......think positively.
John B. was the second choice but he's OK. Anyone but Nanos would be an improvement. Let's hope that Nanos and his photograph in the Bradbury Museum wind up in the Black Hole. The first choice was to have come from Sandia Livermore but that plan was complicated by the unexpected competition announcement from Lockheed Martin.
I presume 8:11 PM was referring to Birely, not Brown. However that got me thinking: John Brown, were it possible to talk him into it, would make a terrific interim director. For that matter so would former ADSR Tom Meyer.
John Browne is a lovely person but is not up to administering LANL. Tom Meyer, surely we can do better than that.
I know them both. Either would be an excellent choice for interim director.
TOM MEYER?!! Are you kidding? I am quite familiar with Tom Meyer, both his management style, and his interest. Tom is an outstanding scientist - he continued to be quite productive in writing papers throughout his five years at LANL. However, that came at an expense: Tom paid no attention to things that were not related to his particular interest or research. In five years Tom learned less about the DP program than Micheline Devaurs did as a non-scientist acting AD. In five years Tom knew less about the intel mission at the lab than he knew about resturants in Santa Fe. Tom was interested in Energy Security, but never bothered to figure out what LANL's unique role was. Tom never did a safety walk around for 2 years -- you could argue that safety walk arounds might not be necessary for an AD, but it really showed his lack of interest.

Tom is doing a fine job back as a professor in NC. There is nothing he could add doing battle with LASO, NNSA, and leading congress to value LANL.
I can confirm the prior post about Tom Meyer. With his lack of interest in the primary mission of the Lab, his refusal to attend to operational issues, his smoke & mirrors posturing on energy security and technology transfer issues, and his general failure to follow through on his stated goals, it is a wonder he lasted so long.

Let's get clear on the concept. We are talking about an INTERIM Director. One who has some human characteristics and human interaction skills that will tide us over until the next full-time Director comes in. Tom Meyer is a nice person with those skills. If you'd rather, though, I suppose we could request that Nanos remain here until the next contractor takes over.
You all seem to be naïve and or arrogant. Do you believe that the people who will select a new director are going to consult with the disgruntled posters on this blog before making their decision? All your talk is just that. It is empty wishful thinking. Maybe it will make feel better, but it will not influence the outcome.
As if anyone is asking us, and we can choose...
Ah, another name-caller (10:03 AM). Why is it that I get the feeling that the blog makes people on the 4th floor nervous?

Maybe it's the "protesing-too-much" flavor of a few indivuals' posts telling us how unimportant the blog is?
Did I see our director singing in the Trinity-on-the-Hill Episcopal Church choir on Easter Sunday? The service was broadcast on our local PAC 8 channel one day last week.
I want to nominate Ross Lemons or Alex Gancarz for the interim director position. Ross is a great materials scientist and look what he did for MST division as chief director! Alex is a world class chemist and look what he did for CST as division director. I agree that we can solve the problems by chosing the best amongst us. It would be hard to get Tom back.
Doug Beason has my nomination for interim director, and perhaps is UC's choice, as he is evidently on the proposal team. He seems to be technically competent, mentally stable, and NOT NAVY. What more could you ask for?

I always thought that the IQ ranking in the services was AF, Navy, Army, Marines. Nuclear Navy was too brainwashed in the Rickhover culture (see reference on this blog) to behave in the real world. GPN is a good example of the "salute or I'll send you to the brig" theory of management. -Dawn-
To 11:35 AM

"Did I see our director singing in the Trinity-on-the-Hill Episcopal Church choir on Easter Sunday?"

I would not be surprised. He was there singing the night before.
To 1:41PM. Ross Lemons or Alex Gancarz? Now there are a couple of real losers. Worst thing is Gancarz is now on the ITSP comittee. Thats the Information Technology Strategy Project for those that don't know. Before that he was an Office Director. Still making his big salary for being a zero. The guy knows squat about IT. Talked with him awhile back and he thinks that just by using the buzz words and groveling at what the consultants say makes him an expert. What an idiot.
5:00 PM --

I believe you have indentified a "piece of low-hanging fruit" for LockMart to pluck for an easy productivity gain at LANL. Get rid of Gancarz. Heck, while they're at it, they could get rid of Marquez for another major gain. I would nominate Bob Knight as Marquez' replacement, and Have Fallin replaced with...

More on that later.
To 11:35 and 4:49. Nanos thought everyone was singing to or about him.
Nanos in church... "a solemn, unsmiling, sanctimonious old iceberg that looked like he was waiting for a vacancy in the Trinity."

-apologies to Mark Twain
Nanos may have been singing, "On Jordon's stormy banks I stand (down)" "Amazing me, how great the sound." But the bad news for Nanos is that God reads this blog. I know because I recognized one of his posted comments, namely this one.
Whoa! Apparently, no one has gotten it yet that the two who were (are?) in the lead for acting director (yes, temporary, otherwise why the word acting) are : Paul Robinson, SNL, and John Bierly. Just an observation, but I also believe ANYONE would be better at carrying out the directorship right now than GPN.
Is Nanos the Butt-head and Kernal Cobb the cowboy or is Nanos the cowboy and Kernal Cobb the Butt-head? Can someone clarify, or is one Beavis and the other Butt-head?
To 7:50:

C. Paul Robinson will be the designation director in the Lockheed Martin bid package not the interim UC Los Alamos Director.
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