Friday, April 29, 2005

The future

Based on the comments to my previous posts, there are loud voices in the hang alone contingent. One poster seems to have replied multiple times even though he was fired from the Lab almost a year ago for such uncontrolled outbursts and clearly does not know me.

To the people who would like a good future for the Lab, please take some time to help it occur.



UPTE, COLE, the running list of things wrong at LANL on the sidebar, this entire blog - it seems to me people are working together toward positive change.

Yes, there are a few who make non-constructive comments on the blog, but it's pretty easy to recognize those, and ignore them. There have been a lot of well worded postings that indicate to me that a lot of people, including some managers, recognize the problems and are doing what they can without risking their jobs. And I think we all owe gratitude to the few courageous souls who have taken public action, like Doug Roberts, Brad Holian, John Horne and Todd Kauppila.
Please quit begging for our business. We will do as we see fit for our future, maybe with your help, maybe without your help.
That was quite the little tirade from 7 (or fewer?) folks here... pretty personal, pretty intense!

I agree the original post came off a bit commercial, but geeze people... give it a rest... "bloodsucking parasite"? "vulture"?

Eric, try not to take it too personally... there are some pretty hostile people here... some probably for good very good reasons.

You offered some good advice, I'm sure there are some who will gratefully seek your assistance.
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