Monday, April 18, 2005

From Sen. Pete Domenici's "ACCESS" radio news conference

From Anonymous:

From Sen. Pete Domenici's "ACCESS" radio news conference with New Mexico radio stations. Mon., April 18, 200

21:55 Domenici says he does not believe that the proposed $3.0 billion cut over five years to DOE national laboratories will become a reality. He says the National Nuclear Security Administration is working on a study to reform the weapons labs, but is also skeptical that the changes it may eventually include will be implemented.

23:50 Domenici says the more important issue to watch now is the increasingly competitive contest to win the management and operating contract at Los Alamos National Laboratory. He says the Lockheed Martin Corp. decision to submit a bid is significant. He says LANL employees should "keep their powder dry" as the process moves forward. He says how the contract winner presents a future vision for LANL could shape its overall future funding and its workload.

25:48 Domenici says the NNSA study to reorganize the weapons laboratories is intended to show how to save funding by changing the role of each laboratory. He says the study is not complete, and it is uncertain that the findings in the study will be accepted.

"Keep their powder dry?" What the hell does that mean? Are we supposed to shoot someone! Oh, for a plain speaking politician that doesn't spout riddles.
I believe it typically refers to socking away cash.
It's hard keeping your powder dry when your Director keeps pissing on anything that moves and your Congressional delegation and the Univerity of California keeps giving him water.
expressions and sayings... especially one held by striking workers to punish breaches of their rules ...
Keep one's powder dry - be prepared for action, but be cautious; ...
Meaning and origin of "Keep your powder dry":
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