Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Empty statement of the week

From Anonymous:

Doug, please post this as my candidate for "empty statement of the week". Do you think we got our $163,500 worth yet?


Said Gutierrez. "At LANL, we need to strive to leverage the diverse talents and ideas of all individuals AND at the same time continue to ensure that the Lab is meeting its national security mission. The two are not mutually exclusive; rather, they should support one another."

I don't know, I think our director's "the volume of publications was up largely because of the restructuring of the work schedule" has a nice empty ring to it.
Micheline is no slouch either:

"...creating an inclusive and synergistic environment to enable performance excellence."
In fairness to Micheline Devaurs, the quote attributed to her in the 7:29 comment is a misunderstanding of an earlier comment on another post: TR "Morale and Performance Strategy" Focus of New Special Assistant Role.

The quote is part of Lisa Gutierrez's apparent self-written description of her job as Diversity Office Director.

"Since joining Los Alamos 1999, as Diversity Office Director, Gutierrez has been responsible for leadership and oversight of all diversity functions and strategies, which include communication, education & awareness and internal consulting in the areas of diversity, quality of work life, ethics and creating an inclusive and synergistic environment to enable performance excellence."

So it looks like Lisa has two candidates for empty statement of the week, and Micheline zero.
Doug Beason just announced that Lisa Gutierrez is his new "morale officer" - at a time that overhead is being cut, how wasteful is this...?
Just wait till we all start getting our Weekly Update email from Lisa Gutierrez.

"This week, your new mentor and an unofficial diversity ambassador has been working with subject matter experts from both technical and support sides to select, evaluate and apply intervention strategies in support of the TR vision and the balance between people, science and programs..."
I suspect that we all are just not intelligent enough to fully understand such a profound statement from such a intellectual woman.

Afterall, Lisa was accepted to HARVARD for undergrad but chose not to go there because of "financial reasons" (as she is so fond of telling everyone she meets).

Clearly she must "dumb-down" her rhetoric in the future to communicate at the level of the TSM's at the lab.
I think Ms. Gutierrez will have to get used to the fact that she is no longer Director of the Diversity Office with a whopping total of only 6 people under her. One of whom is apparently a Chief of Staff according to the Diversity Office (DVO) org chart on LANL's web page.

I can only surmise her job as Director of the Diversity Office was so important, it warranted a large salary and a Chief of Staff to help her create "an inclusive and synergistic environment to enable performance excellence" for the remaining 5 people.

Perhaps part of the COS job was to interpret her profundities so that others might understand?
Pay me $50K a year and I'll do her job and Nanos' as well, and work 10-2 and take every other Friday off. Pathetic.
Another overpaid dolt. It's beyond me as to why we need all these overpaid people in these made up positions.
11:43, Its the culture of nomenklatura that has so sadly prevaded the Lab in the last decades. Those in positions of power patronize their friends and put them in these special postions, such as "special assistant for morale," "special coordinator for international projects," or whatever the meaningless title of the job is, even though 9 times out of 10 the person has no qualifications for the position.
I contacted a person who does Harvard recruiting in New Mexico. Harvard has the largest endowment of any college. Lisa did not qualify for 100 percent financial aid, and decided not to go.
Harvard is not LANL and bases its scholarships on need, not who you know.
But then "the world according to Lisa" revolves around Lisa.
I am a female hispanic TSM and I am embarrased for our race beacuse of people like Lisa.
By the way Lisa, welcome to the TR Directorate.

Judging by the enthusiastic responses on this post and the Special Assistant for Morale post, I can see you'll have no problem "creating an inclusive and synergistic environment to enable performance excellence."

Wow! It also appears as though you're neither respected NOR effective. "The two are not mutually exclusive; rather, they should [and do] support one another."

I have a simple request, please just collect your paycheck and don't bother anyone. That way you won't have to go back to Doug and tell him that no one is paying attention to you. Then he'll have waste time telling everyone how important you are...then things will become mandatory...and then people will be even more annoyed...I think even though you didn't go to Harvard you get the picture.
8:04, you should not be embarrassed because of her. I think most people at LANL (not all, unfortunately) base their judgments on another's individual actions.
Is it true that she was accepted to Harvard and didn't go because of financial reasons? Can anyone confirm that she's told them that?

How is it that she got a better offer from CU than Harvard? Doesn't make sense. Either people are misinformed, or she's been fibbing...
Business majors get B.A.'s, not B.S.'s don't they?
Give me a f***ing break! Both CU and Harvard use FASFA for financial aid. Both universities would offer comparable financial aid. Lisa is either lying (but to a delusional person this isn't lying) or was waitlisted.

Maybe we should start calling her Baghdad Bobbie!
$163K for what? Based on her education and professional experience, Gutierrez is qualified to ask if you want Freedom Fries with your Big Mac. Just like Admiral Butthead, no reputable employer would hire her into a position of responsibility.

The appointment of Gueiterrez to this position is an abomination. Why wasn't this job advertised? We have to advertise Team Leader positions. HR intimidates Hiring Officials to interview marginally-qualified candidates just to have statistics. Then Beason goes off and does
If LANL were run by a real company, Lisa would be back to doing whatever she was doing at P&G or Deloitte or whatever. Sandia even does Diversity better. When I was active in Diversity, I learned a lot from how Sandia does it: for one, they do not put an airhead in charge. Lisa may have the passion, but she lacks the brains to do it. She's a big part of why I do not wish to get involved in Diversity activities at LANL anymore.

BTW, remember the "mandatory" 1/2 day training we all have to do about 5 years ago? Lisa was responsible for bringing in Norm Johnson to talk about the need for C students in an organization. While I can accept that not everyone will be "above average" in an organization, I do not accept that there should not be a minimal "standard of excellence" that can be expected of everyone. Lisa totally botched the presentation, and wags found yet another reason to hate diversity (by equating it to mediocrity).
Lisa had Norm Johnson give a talk? For that alone she should be I fired.
Diversity does not include having
people around who are idiots. It is about giving people who are good an equal chance.
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