Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Domenici: Cuts undermine science

ROGER SNODGRASS, roger@lamonitor.com, Monitor Assistant Editor

Sen. Pete Domenici advised Los Alamos National Laboratory employees to be ready for future changes beyond the immediate management issues.

"Lab people will be worried right up to the very end," he said. "I keep admonishing them to keep their powder dry."


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I would very much like to get a copy of this DOE report. It sounds to me like it proposes setting up LANL primarily as a place to do pit production. Is this the beginning of the end for science at Los Alamos?
I wonder if this has any Nanos fingerprints? He has always expressed only an interest in the nuclear weapons program and contempt for science. All of his overhead changes and G&A cuts have included significant detrimental impacts on science and benefit to the NW program. He must have well understood what would happen to the science programs. Even the CSO has this intention.

Have you heard the CSO and DCSO express their goals? I have heard them at a group mtg. and the state of science talk. The CSO has indicated that he has been charged by Nanos to establish a science roadmap and to identify what should no longer be supported scientifically. The current LDRD process has already shown a vector of where LANL is heading and it appears that it is only nuclear weapons, manufacturing, and threat reduction.
Nanos has done more damage to our nuclear weapons program than any other. Just ask the people in ESA, DX, and X.
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