Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Comments are turned off

Some terribly clever individual decided it would be great fun to add comments to all the recent posts that contained my name, LANL organization (CCS-DO), and my salary. I've turned off comments for a while as a result. Good evening, all.


Comments are turned back on.

Sounds like you really are thin skinned. Several old-fashioned sayings come to mind...
What's good for the goose is good for the gander.
If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen,
Out of the frying pan and into the fire.
Another example of how in your definition of "professionalism" it is acceptable to crucify others but you can’t stand the heat yourself.
This will go down in flames rather quickly - you don't want to be exposed for the hipocrite you are.
Posting Doug's organizational affiliation and salary was clearly a personal attack.

That information is available to anyone who might want to seek it anyway.

What a waste of our time. Could you just go away? Or post your own status/affiliation/salary and explain to us why you think that is relevant to this forum?
The 10:07 comment actually brings up a good point. I suppose that just by running this blog I have given up any rights to privacy. So, those of you who feel like posting personal infomation about me may feel free to do so. Here, I'll help you out:

Height - 6'2"
Weight - 182
Preferred Motorcycle brand: BMW
Preferred exersize method - mountain biking.
Preferred software language: C++
Favorite Beer at TBC - Stone IPA
Favorite band -- The Los Alamos Hillstompers
Favorite Sax Piece -- Either Boogie Stomp or April in Paris; it depends on the day.

Doug, you are one of the heroes who has emerged from all of the destruction of/at LANL! Keep up the good work!
The reason that Doug was upset is that he is embarrassed about his low salary. If he had a BA degree in something important such as Lisa Gutierrez has, then he would be more highly compensated.
Re 10:35
Personal attack against Doug isn't professional?
How come the personal attacks against others are? See 11:28 below
You are pretty narrow minded as well....
Oops, that s a personal attack on you....
The name Chris Mechels immediately jumped to mind. He has a long history of posting people's salaries on message boards such as that on the Santa Fe New Mexican (of course when he doesn't agree with them)
Actually, I thought it might have been Lisa.
Doug, you are destined to be part of the legendary heritage of this place. Don't let idiots ruin your day.

The really good news is that with Lockheed Martin, a person's salary will not be a matter of public record as it is in the case of a state institution. I think also that LM tries to match salary with experience, responsibility and performance.

The imbalance of salaries in this place is atrocious. I know because I worked for many years on the weapons side of the house. Before I retired, I noticed that the TSM salaries in some divisions like NMT for example were notoriously low yet I thought that division was one of the flagship divisions in our nuclear weapons program. Some NMT PhD team leaders made and I believe still make about $60K less that AD/TR's morale officer. Maybe the folks in PF-4 should make morale instead of those other seemingly unimportant what-you-call'ems.
Chris or Lisa, asholes come in all sexes.
A lot of toes have been stepped on via the blog. It shouldn't be surprising that one or more rather mediocre people would choose to attempt to embarrass the moderator.
3:35 -

The point is that there could be no other point of posting Doug's information than to make a personal attack.

I'm not impressed by the various personal attacks on folks like Lisa, etc. I thought it was unprofessional for whomever fired the first shot by listing her salary.
Perhaps we might want Doug to police and sanitize those kinds of posts as well, but I don't think that is likely.

I suggested a while back a parallel blog or other forum which was more tightly moderated, not just to reduce the personal attacks, but to keep on a more narrow topic. "What practical action can we take to change what it looks like is happening to us?"

As far as I can tell, except for Doug's having declined to operate such a blog (as we know he has his hands full), there was no other response to my suggestion.

Since I'm not offering to set up and moderate same, I can't complain that no one else is. I was just hoping there'd be a swell of interest and someone would volunteer. Without that interest, I'm certainly not very motivated.
The 4/27/2005 06:53:38 PM post states that "The really good news is that with Lockheed Martin, a person's salary will not be a matter of public record as it is in the case of a state institution." I disagree that this will be "really good news."

As a retired LANL GL, I will state that having the salaries of the employees as public record is a GOOD THING! It keeps the management honest. I always did my salary allocations with the fact in mind that employees could get salary information. I felt that I should have to defend my salary adminstration to the affected parties. Employees' knowledge of their peers' salaries makes it clear to each employee where s/he really stands in the organization.

The obscene high salaries of people like Lisa Gutierrez and the many Chiefs of Staff, Office Leaders, Senior Advisors, etc. is a scandal. At least with the salaries being public record there is some hope that this mess can be remedied.
Doug, this blog site is an attack on Los Alamos -- and a violent one at that. It is an attack on the greatness, dignity, and legacy of this laboratory. Shame on you for putting it up!!!! And more shame on you for censoring the people who want to post your salary.
I am not going to delete the above comment. Rather, I will leave it as an example of the kind of non-professional, non-constructive comment that adds nothing to the search for solutions to LANL's problems.
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