Tuesday, April 12, 2005

An alternative view of C. Paul Robinson's past:

An alternative view of C. Paul Robinson's past:

"... Paul Robinson of Sandia National Laboratory went much further by
recommending rejection [of the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty] in a widely
quoted statement: 'If the United States scrupulously restricts itself to
zero yield while other nations may conduct experiments up to the threshold
of international detectability, we will be at an intolerable disadvantage.
I would advise against accepting limitations that permit such asymmetry.'..."


I remember when Sig used write like this. Lab directors need to set visions and inspire.

"I believe we have a chance to create a peaceful and free world where the human spirit can create opportunities for all inhabitants of our earth to prosper and fulfill individual hopes and dreams. We perhaps have one of the greatest chances in history to do so. I have never put much faith in the notion that “complete and total disarmament” is a realizable goal in any near term. The nature of man as a species is sufficiently complicated, and we have repeatedly shown our inability to organize ourselves as world-citizens, to put much hope in being able to truly “outlaw” war and aggression any time soon. I see the path to peace as one of creating greater and greater alliances—not just in the NATO countries, but also in every corner of the globe. I would suggest the priorities ought to be in Southeast Asia, then all of Europe and Asia, South America, then the Middle East, and Africa. I believe the collective security that NATO provides it members has done more for the citizens of those realms than anything else in their histories. C. Paul Robinson, June 2004

Seriously, after hearing Nanos' Band of Buttheads tirade, can anyone envision Nanos writing or saying anything this profound? He has to have a speech writer to say "Happy Holidays." I can't wait to have someone in the Director's office that can do more than grunt when he meets you in the hall.
A director with a vision that doesn't involve a mirror - what a thought.
I'm sure he took up a feather plume in his own little pinks and jotted those words down on a delightful piece of parchment all by his lonesome ... Wake up from your little dreamland, girlies. EVERYONE has a ghostwriter. Get a grip ...
Don't be a sexist with the "girlie" comment. Paul unlike certain posters and a certain director can think and write for himself. How a person talks is a barometer of how they write. Try talking with Nanos and then talk with Paul. I rest my case.
Lockheed and UT top executives will meet next weekend and be briefed by SNL and former and retired LLNL/LLNL employees.

They will brief key US Senators.

While some services will be consolidated (travel, desktop support, hr, etc.), transition to one admin system will take 1-3 years after the bid is awarded.

Lockheed-UT is very aware of any action having a negative effect on the northern NM economy. In fact, their bid will show innovative ways to make this economy stronger.

Lockheed will also approach UC regents to grandfather those students accepted or going to UC schools whoose parent(s) work at LANL. The DOE Secretary of Energy admonished Pete Nanos in private for not taking care of the UC college issue, especially since more than on eregent has asked Nanon for his input. Pete's absence again created an opportunity for UT/Lockheed.

Expect top management (Division Leader) to be gone. Lockheed will be looking at the upward appraisals for all managers and plan to act on these.

More to follow.
This actually sounds like an outline of people planning and doing something.

I assume UC is as well. I know Foley keeps saying UC is talking with potential partners, but nothing is concrete yet. I hear Rich Mah keeps meeting with the local manager of a potential partner. Being the incredibly capable LANL point man, I have to assume it's so he can learn how to put together a proposal.
If even part of 4/13/2005 01:52:17 PM is true, then LM/UT has my vote. It would be nice to have managers who give a damn about the troops, enforce accountability, and have a mission, a clue, a plan and some communication skills. BTW - there is always room for improvment, but I think Paul Hommert is doing a good job with the limited resources and information available to him.

somebody in X
Responding to 4/13/2005 03:35:21 AM, I don't doubt most senior managers have the help of an editor, some even use ghostwriters. But C. Paul is the real thing when it comes to his policy speeches. The beating he took from Bill Richardson and the Clinton administration when he refused to role over on the test ban treaty vote is almost legendary.
Say what you will about Paul Robinson, but keep one thing in mind....HE'S THE REAL THING...

Paul and I grew up together in Memphis, TN. He was always a very articulate person...even in high school.

He spoke at our high school reunion last June and everyone was in awe of him.

This was something he was called on to do on the spur of the moment so there was definately no "ghost writer"....
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