Tuesday, March 15, 2005

"World's Greatest Science Protecting America"

From Anonymous:

"World's Greatest Science Protecting America"

Want to find the single most visible indicator of the damage George P. Nanos has done during his short term as director of Los Alamos National Laboratory? Look no further than the motto that he mandated to be on all official laboratory correspondence, business cards, PowerPoint slides, and memoranda. Staff members despise the motto as arrogant, presumptive, and just plain wrong. Many staff, embarrassed by the bragging, swaggering nature of the motto have created their own customized versions of official LANL letterhead which leaves it off. Others refuse to get official business cards, because they are embarrassed to exchange cards with colleagues from other organizations when the offending claim is required to be on the card.

Greatness is not achieved by proclaiming greatness. In fact, if for some reason a person feels the need to bray to the world how great he is, then he probably isn't.

Well said. Said differently: your worth is what others assign to you not what you assign to yourself…which reminds me of a good joke about Argentineans (but I’ll make it relevant to this blog):

Want to get rich? Buy Nanos for what he’s worth and sell him for what he thinks he’s worth.
Nanos calls this "branding". There is even a web page over at LANL
that lays out the details of this logo in extreme detail (ie, the
exact font which is to be used, exact spacings, Pantone colors, etc).
When you are a fellow with a small mind, things like "branding" are
important to you. But it looks to me that Nanos has pretty much
run the LANL "brand" right into the ground. Time for a new CEO.
To the credit of LANL employees, many of them have written about this ridiculous motto. It represents what has gone wrong with LANL management; PR instead of science. "World's Greatest Science", compared to what, and awarded by whom?
Another sign of LANL corruption is the Newsbulletin, which prints only letters that are to their taste. My letter concerning "World's Greatest Science" never saw the light of day. Complaining of this to Nanos got no action, and no reply.
How about "World's Biggest Braggarts"; at least it would be more honest. And, the LANL "spokesmen" should be fired, as they invent, and promote this tripe.
LLNL and LBNL, to their credit don't make such ridiculous claims.
Maybe if enough people agreed on a new slogan, it would become the de facto standard. New templates could even be drawn up.
"World's greatest 'science' protecting the world's 'greatest' empire."
The mere words "Los Alamos" used to mean something all by themselves. No slogan was necessary! We've allowed ourselves to become so tarnished that we have to augment them with some sort of BS. I'd rather spend our energy getting back to the place where "Los Alamos" is enough.
Still do, just don't know what.
Yes you do.
New Slogan: You can still find good science here once you look past the imbeciles who run the place.
A search on the web show:

"Nano is from the Greek Nanos meaning dwarf."

Thus, our new LANL logo:

Los Alamos - Where the Dwarf King rules his empire.
If this blog is really representative of the majority of LANL like you all claim, then for a slogan I suggest

"The world's whiniest whiners proffering pathetic pretenstions"

-not on the LANL welfare system
So 7:45 pm post, what welfare system are you on?
I print my own business cards at my own expense on my PC. Anyway, I never use 100 cards before my title, group name, group designation, or something else changes...
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