Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Where _was_ Nanos today, anyhow?

As a commenter to the http://lanl-the-real-story.blogspot.com/2005/03/new-director.html post notes, Hobson's delegation has supposedly spent the day of Tuesday, March 29 in Los Alamos politely asking, "How much did the shutdown _really_ cost us, Dr. Cobb?"

Several questions do pop to mind, such as: "Where was Director Nanos during this mini-inquisition?" "Why was there yet another LANL Public Affairs Office blackout on this event?" "How much did the shutdown *really* cost? "Why was there a shutdown in the first place?"

And so on.

Other questions occur: what purpose does trying to cover up this meeting, held "in absentia" of the primary culprit serve? Does anybody think that the secret meetings were a secret? Oh, and where _was_ Nanos today, anyhow?

Speaking of secrets, has anyone else noticed that the last newsworthy (LANL in the News) entry on the LANL home page was posted March 10? Twenty days without even one noteworthy story for the spin-miesters to post? Maybe they are enjoying their own version of March madness!

Certainly makes one wonder what else is being kept from those of us in the trenches.
I have RUMINT from reliable sources that we'll have a new director within a few weeks, so it may not matter where Nanos was.
Care to flesh out the RUMINT a bit?
That's all I got for the moment.
I'll believe it when it happens...
For RUMINT to be reealized, courage is required. Recently, that commodity has been as apparent as WMD in Iraq. We heard it is out there somewhere but gosh it's hard to find. However, reports suggest that there might be a puddle of it emerging out west.
6:56 AM: A puddle of what? RUMINT, courage, WMD, or something less savory?
Well personally, whoever takes this over had better get a big present for dealing with whiners on one side (the guys who had John Browne on speed dial when the cleaning people didnt get the bathroom done by 08:00... and Saint Pete when John didnt answer fast enough. A congressional aide once told me that most of the phone calls from LANL scientists were along these lines. They have caller id for a small subset.), and NNSA and Congress on the other side [Dr Director, would you explain why you let the lab fall apart? It shows that in the first 3 months of you being here 2000 people retired.]

A fitting welcome gift would be a bottle of antacids and probably some other items that will help the burn in other regions.
Also note that two weeks ago marked the eight-month anniversary of the first rumors that Nanos would be gone in two weeks. By the way, I hear that he will be gone two weeks from now.
The puddle out in Berkeley is either a dollop of DNA courage trying to assemble itself into a functioning spiral or a new La Brea Tar Pit forming under UCOP. While analyses is still pending, let's hope it's the former.
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