Tuesday, March 15, 2005

What corporate life might be like

From Anonymous:

One of the issues facing Los Alamos from the beginning has been the cultural clash between science and military viewpoints (Groves vs. Oppenheimer). It’s obvious that a good cultural match will be critical to our success, and the LANL culture has proven very resistant to change. Looking forward, what we need to know is what corporate life might be like under the cultures of the various bidders. Is there anyone out there who has worked for these folks and can share some first-hand knowledge? Potential LANL bidders and partners include Bechtel Corp., CH2M Hill, Computer Science Corp., Northrop Grumman, Washington Group, BWXT Operating Services, General Atomics, and Teledyne Brown Engineering. Any other bidders on the list? Specifically, we need to know:
1. Who is currently interested or not interested?
2. Who would be a good cultural match for LANL?
3. Who would be terrible?
4. What changes would they bring? For example- safety, science, quality of worklife, benefits, RIFs.
5. Have any of you worked for these companies? What did you like/ not like?
6. Would they split our work force?
7. Are they fair or difficult to work for?

Please respond if you have any direct knowledge of these entities. i.e. You have worked for one of these, or you are working on a LANL proposal, or you work for one now & want to post a commercial... Any factual non-ranting info would be appreciated! Thanks

Just a quick note for Doug. This blog has just been mentioned over at USA Today (in the WebGuide section):

Quick note about Bechtel ( or "Rectal" as it is
affectionately known by some of
its employees.)
Bechtel is a construction company.
They are very good at getting government
contracts, but not always so good
at delivering.
For their latest $14 billion
fiasco see "Boston 'Big Dig'
Safety Report Sparks Outrage"
I don’t work at LANL – I work at Sandia, but I have many good friends up on the hill, and over the past couple of years I’ve had to listen to a lot of (sometimes fairly insensitive) comments about how terrible it would be if Lockheed Martin took over LANL. Well, Lockheed Martin management isn’t perfect, but it sure is light years better than what you folks have been living under recently. Anyway, you have apparently gotten your wish, perhaps in part because Lockheed Martin was probably aware of the attitude. You won’t get Lockheed Martin… you will get UC again and someone like Bechtel instead! Be careful what you wish for………
I worked for one of the M&O contractors at the INL in 1995 when Lockheed was awarded the consolidated M&O contract. Employee benefits were first on the chopping block. The "for profit" corporation values were force-fed to all. The merger with Martin Marietta started another round! Due to the parent company's wonderful background in ethics, we were trained annually using Dilbert as our role model. End result, five years and out.

Our new "family" was Bechtel/BWXT and various others. New family, same results as before...five years and out!

Good luck with UC and whatever "industry partner" you end up with.
I worked in a spook shop for Martin and it was as well managed as any defense contractor can be. They had their mini-scandals (like making commemorative model rocket souvenirs for retiring Air Force Generals and charging them to the government), but in general they tried very hard to play by the rules. Security was certainly much, much better than LANL's, but that was TS/NSI and Codeword stuff, so I suppose that's appropriate.

On the other hand, we should be very grateful that CSC (Computer Sciences Corp) has dropped out. At Kennedy Space Center, they're a nasty little bottom feeder. The only reason to hire on with them was to get a badge and get on site so you could quickly go to work for someone else.
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