Wednesday, March 16, 2005


Well, for whatever reason, the anonymous posting regarding Susan Seestrom's postponed talk has been hopelessly polluted by childish, immature comments. Perhaps that was somebody's goal. As I see it, I have two choices: delete any comment in the post that is without value (which requires a value judgment) or delete the whole post. I choose to do the latter in this case, because there is not much there worth saving. So as soon as blogger, which is currently slower than [select your most appropriate metaphor here] will let me, that post will be gone.

Thanks to those who tried to impose some kind of order, Adios to the troller.


To be quite honest I thought the post regarding Seestrom's talk was, what is the point of posting that? And as time goes on you are going to get more troller's on all the posts. Lets get real here, you are going to need to start moderating a bit......
What's the matter, Doug? You didn't like someone making fun of your blog, so you deleted a whole section? Sounds like censorship to me! Isn't that what you were running down the Newsbulletin for doing? Oh, I'm sure you'll come up with some other name than censorship to justify your actions though. How about calling it this: hypocrisy. Oh, and I guess "moderating a bit" means censoring a bit. Hypocrits!
Trolls from the 3rd Floor of the Admin Building should also learn the art of moderation.

You're doing a great job and providing a valuable service. Keep up the good work. Most of us appreciate and support you.
Hey 6:28 troll. Sounds like you
have a lot of deep insights about
stuff at the Lab. Ever consider
sharing some in a post? Or better,
start your own blog. You're free
to do that you know. But you might
want to run the spell checker.
The "troller" that caused you to moderate (censorship) forgot to mention that people are called trolls if they attempt to balance the discussion or openly disagree with postings.
Trollers who post dissenting opinions are unprofessional, and the narrow-minded people who want an apology from the Director are professional? Perhaps you can enlighten me here...
Are "Trolls" like "Buttheads" or "Cowboys"?
To 8:48 AM: I doubt it.
To the 6:28 & 8:48 troll: Yes, it is censorship. Yes, it is unfair. In fact, I can see how you would be motivated to leave in protest and never come back to this blog.
Thanks Doug.
I've seen several posts that I thought were inappropriate and should have been deleted. You've shown incredible patience with some of the childish rants here - much more patience than I would have under similar circumstances.

I would like to put aside the rants about GPN (which seem to have subsided on their own accord as people got their chance to vent), we need to refocus on the issues that affect us all.

If someone wants to flame others, the web is a big place - let them start their own blog. -Dawn-
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