Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Please Sign

I'd like to request that the petition to remove Nanos be raised back to the top of the blog. Or, at least add a link to get to it quickly. There have been several advertisements in the Monitor to bring this site to peoples attention. I've noticed a marked increase in hits on the site and I think it would be helpful to give new arrivals an easy way to find the petition.

To all of you out there, you can sign anonymously but, please sign. I have devoted my life to this lab and I hate to see what has become of it.The Director has disgraced this laboratory and the nation. If you don't stand up for what's right now there might not be anything left to stand up for at all in the near future. This is a critical time and I respectfully ask that you stand with those who have already signed this petition. There is some chance that the damage can be repaired but the window of opportunity is quite narrow. I have proudly signed my name to this petition in hopes that others would follow the lead of the few of us that have done so. Unlike our Director, I believe that leadership is best done by example. Please help to lead this institution back to the greatness it once deserved.


John N. Horne

The petition's two week "time at the top" of this blog has come and gone. However, the petition is linked (blue) under the sidebar links on the right-hand side of this page. Some people using older versions of IE apparently have problems seeing the sidebar links, in which case I recommend upgrading your browser to Firefox, www.mozilla.org.

Thank you Doug.

In IE 6.0, the sidebar links appear at the bottom of the page. Use Ctrl End to quickly go to there, and Ctrl Home to return.
Until a UNIQUE way to sign is found, it is rather meaningless, unfortunately.
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