Monday, March 07, 2005

Of Particular Interest

From Anonymous:

The above was posted today on the NNSA recompete site
<>. Of
particular interest is the section regarding the loss of some of UC's
fee attributed to "serious security violations". If you look at the
overall rating for LANL the fee seems rather steep especially given
the fact that there was no missing CREM. Nanos cost UC a couple of
million + .

Hope they think he is worth it.

Ok so the CREM didnt exist. That doesnt make it any better in the eyes of NNSA. Somehow nonexistant CREM was checked in and out of the safe and supposedly acredited as existing way before it was found to be 'lost'.

You people do not seem to get that.. which is why NNSA is making sure that UC doesnt get the contract again. The various companies that are reading this blog before deciding to bid are also getting an eye about how little a vocal majority at the lab does not seem to care about security.
That's okay. When the new contractor gets here, the "vocal minority" will be put back to work. It is clear that they have too much idle time on their hands.
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