Wednesday, March 30, 2005

New limerick for the contest

From Anonymous:

When our Pete got in on the act
All our best upper hands got sacked
He was truly berserk
To keep us from work
Seven months to be exact!

Now the town’s really started hummin’
Over a company name of Grumman
We all like UC
With its very low fee
Without them we’ll surely be bummin’

I guess UC’s fee was too little
And it’s truly a puzzling riddle
Why they’ll pay so much more
Then go on to ignore
That our work will become second fiddle

The Ambassador who we call Brooks
Has one point which he overlooks
If you fine them so much
Over barcodes and such
Why expect more than just dirty looks?

Now Congress wants hundreds of millions
Or even perhaps in the billions
For one big cl***
Who shut us down
When we should be run by civilians

Just today I read Lockheed Martin
After deciding that they'd be departin'
Is back in the ring
Over one little thing
One more reason for us to be smartin'

But if Cheney gets in it’s for certain
We’re really going to be hurtin’
They’ll dream up their ploys
And send in their boys
Our bosses will be Halliburton

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