Monday, March 07, 2005

More on the online recruiting ads.....

More on the online recruiting ads.....

Multi-national company recruiting for key jobs at LANLBy Bill Dupuy, KSFR News

SANTA FE (2005-03-07) -- A multi-national company based outsideWashington, D.C. has posted online recruiting ads on the web for several key positions at the Los Alamos National Laboratory, including the job of deputy director.

A spokeswoman for Northrup Grumman Information Technology tells KSFR she was unaware of the job postings. She says the company has been watching the process for bidding for the Los Alamos lab contract but would not comment whether the job postings indicate a possible partnership between the company and the University of California or whether the company is considering a bid on its own.

In addition to the number two, deputy director positon, the recruiting ads say Northrup Grumman IT is looking for an Associate Director for Nonproliferation and International Security division and an Associate Director for Engineering and Evaluations. Lab spokesman Kevin Roark says those two specific job titles do not now exist at Los Alamos. About 7,000 of the Los Alamos lab's 11,000 employees work for theUniversity of California, which has held the contract for more than 60 years.

Northrup employs 23,000 people worldwide and generates $4 billion annually in revenue.

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