Monday, March 07, 2005

More Job Ads

From Anonymous:

I believe this warrants a forefront posting:
In today's (3/7) Washington Post online (, click on Jobs (blue bar near the top) and then "Find a Job". Enter "Nuclear" as a keyword, click "Search", and look at the Job Ads for Northrup Grumman on 3/5. They are for LANL AD's and a DD.
Example: ADTR -
Posting Title Associate Director, Nonproliferation & International Security
Business Unit TS
Job City Los Alamos
Job State NM
Requisition Number 37620BR
Labor Type Direct
Job Description Responsible for the technical and administrative supervision of approximately 400 technical and administrative personnel and a budget of about $300 Million.

Responsible for the development and application of science & technology required to prevent, detect and respond to the proliferation of nuclear, chemical and biological weapons. Manage the development and deployment of unattended ground based instruments and space based instruments to detect weapons of mass destruction and threats posed by terrorism.

Manage the United States/Russia nonproliferation program which is responsible for activities pertaining to nuclear materials protection, control and accountability.

Support the U.S. nonproliferation and national security policies by developing sensors as well as analytical and modeling capabilities for detecting and characterizing the proliferation of nuclear, chemical and biological weapons.

Direct efforts, in conju! nction with DOE intelligence to assess nuclear weapons technology, materials production capabilities, nuclear proliferation potential and dual use technologies by rogue nations or terrorists.

Manage the nuclear materials disposition program, which is designed to reduce the significant quantities of weapons-grade plutonium and highly enriched uranium that is surplus to the defense needs of the United States and Russia.
Job Qualifications Strong management skills required.

Must have a strong background in the area of arms control and nonproliferation of weapons of mass destruction, including nuclear, chemical and biological weapons. Experience in the foreign policy arena would be very helpful.

Possess a working knowledge of the technical and policy issues confronting the federal agencies involved in arms control, nonproliferation and intelligence activities. A working relationship with key agencies, including the DOD, DOE State Department, and the intelligence community is required.

This position requires extensive contacts with key officials and top scientific and engineering personnel of the DOE laboratories and key federal agencies.

Proven experience in formulating and applying innovative technologies and analytical concepts for resolving complex nonproliferation issues is required.

A masters degree in the physical science or engineering is des! irable Masters a PHD is desirable.

A Q and SCI clearance is required to effectively manage this organization,
US Citizenship Required Yes
Security Clearance Required Yes

Five LANL top management jobs were posted on Northrop Grumman IT's job site. One is here:
I keep hearing rumors that ultimately they will kill the re-compete and LANL will be federalized -- anyone else hear this?
Lets not start any rumors because thats all it is.
They have their set of problems:

Northrop Grumman settles for $62 million
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