Monday, March 21, 2005

More CBS "News"

I find it very disturbing that instead of trying to solve the problem and to get to the root of these problems, Congress Barton and CBS News threaten to close LANL.
As Bruce Norman so wisely pointed out in his Letter to the Editor or the Los Alamos Monitor, the average working person at LANL is a good, hard working person. The management, however is a different story.
LANL employees have absolutely no voice in who manages them, yet they are constantly blamed for management failures. These two auditors found a problem and reported it. It is their claim that management retaliated against them and they are willing to go to court to protect themselves.
Anyone who has gone up against LANL's infinitely funded lawyers, knows that this is an act of bravery on the part of these two auditors. We have to ask, why LANL pays auditors if it doesn't want to hear what they have found.
For those who are religious, I hope you will all pray for decent management for LANL and for sanity for Congressman Barton and CBS News.
The latest "whistleblower" accusations just don't pass the smell test. According to the latest CBS report, an audit of 56,000 purchases showed 10,000 disallowed purchases and 38,000 "questionable" purchases. So, Hook and Montanyo are claiming that over 85% of Lab purchases are fraudulent or borderline fraudulent. And these two guys were the only ones who noticed it?

How could any credible news organization allow this sort of thing to go on the air? Bob Schieffer's editorial shows that, rather than gather the news, CBS is pushing another forged story, this one designed to shut down LANL. Schieffer refers to the security at "Los Alamos National Weapons Center" [sic!] as "a joke" and calls the Lab an "ever worsening outrage."

After a recent investigation into "the Mess at CBS" described the deterioration of standards in CBS' newsroom, you'd think they'd become more careful. Perhaps CBS is beyond reformation. It certainly makes 19th century frontier journalism look authoritative by comparison. To quote Mencken: "It drags itself out of the dark abysm of pish and crawls insanely up to the topmost pinnacle of posh."

I'm sure the crack, unbiased reporters at the New York Times or the Fox News Channel will get right on this and set the record straight.
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