Thursday, March 31, 2005

The media loves it if we have problems

From Anonymous:

Concerning today's findings as reported in the national news, the media does not report if there were any institutions in the intelligence community that "got it right" or at least...was close to "getting it right". According to the media, all fifteen agencies were "dead wrong".
I personally do not believe this. I am particularly interested in one of the fifteen agencies...the Department of Energy. I look forward to reading the report.
At this moment in time, we have a lot to be proud of as a national laboratory. I am personally proud to serve right here...right now.
The media loves it if we have problems and it seems that no one fully stands to support us. These are hard days.
The one thing we're proving, however, is that our curiosity and desire to understand the unknown cannot be deterred. This nation should understand that. We are a strong team that operates a precious national resource in a multitude of scientific disciplines. We stand ready to serve...and deliver real answers in science.

All those agencies...
Didn't any one of them get "it" right?
And if so...,2933,152020,00.html

If you don't find your favorite news service in this stack, please read their version.
You'll find that they all read the same.

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