Monday, March 14, 2005

March Physics Today Letters to the Editor

Anonymous sent me this. It was posted once before, but it's probably worth a repeat.

Ah, yes. McAtee and Herbert, the two official LANL schills, once more nicely rebutted by Brad Holian, armed, as usual, with the facts.
Dave Herbert is a consultant who sells safety training to LANL at an exhorbitant fee. Clearly the more training he sells, the more money he makes. So, he has a vested interest in telling people that LANL's safety record is poor and can only be improved by his training. In fact, his training is not very good. Generaly a four-hour ear-beating with about an hour of content.
Both McAtee and Herbert have obvious conflicts of interest, and are self-serving in their editorials in my opinion. Herbert has been a consultant for almost ten years. There is a saying that if you are not part of the solution then there is good money to be made prolonging the problem. McAtee (division leader HSR) you will remember brought us the original IWD process that was released before it was ready for prime time (pushed out by Nanos). It is interesting to note in that regard that this process was first applied to crane operations and AFTER it was applied we had a series of crane incidents.

Brad, thanks again for the clear analysis.
I saw a listing today of the 322 accidents at LANL. 144 were for sparins and repetive stress injuries, a significant number of others were for slips and trips, back injuries etc. The only major ones were the laser eye injury and one that was labled electrical shock. I think that given the number of employees at LANL this is not that terrible. If management thinks we are going to get to zero they are dreaming.
Post the listing.
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