Saturday, March 05, 2005

The Legal Process

From Anonymous:

There are several people with fairly good reason to sue the Lab for its recent behaviors. Perhaps this scenario will help them plan ahead.
Prevailing against a 2 billion dollar entity may be next to impossible. The Lab lawyers will unfairly try to win by running you out of money and driving you crazy.( Nanos was telling the truth.) Their lawyers are on a payroll and win when you go away. Most would not take this type of case on contingincy...

Based on a true story:
1. They will let you hire a lawyer, pay them for $200 an hour for several months work, then get them disqualified. You will have to start over with a new lawyer and new money.
2. They will ask for a continuance time after time, just to run up your fees.
3. They will change venue, disqualify judges, and/or move to federal court.
4. They will deposition half the town (say 200 people most of whom you have never heard of) so that you must pay your lawyer many thousands to sit in on long court interviews.
5. They will try so many stalling tricks that even a New Mexico judge will order them to stop.
6. They probably even do research on how much money you might be able to come up with.
7. You will need to mortgage your house, drain your savings, maybe even borrow against your retirement.....
7. They will, of course, tell horrible, hurtful lies about you in court and in documents.
8. But if you can ever actually get to court, they might offer you a settlement 5 minutes before the proceedings start or halfway thru if it is going badly for them. ( the Lab does not like to be in the news)
9. If they settle, they will have a gag order so that you can't tell anyone anything about it.

My friend who went thru this is like a cancer survivor- a year or more of pure hell. Good Luck.

I can assure everybody the authors account is completly true. I am up to step four in my case costing already tens of thousands of dollars. The only time I hear from Lab legal is when they self grant another extension in the process. I have written a chilling account of the timeline of my quest to simply get to an unbiased arbitration hearing where truth will finally be told. I readers think this may be worthy of a post I will.
Todd Kauppila
Please, Todd, do post it.

Others are attempting arbitration also and it may serve all of us well.

Hang in there and at least know many of us thank you for all of your hard work, creative efforts and past sacrifices, not to mention your integrity and courage.
Yes, Todd, you MUST post your experiences, and they must be published in the Monitor and sent to the wireservices and to our Congressional delegation. The only way to make LANL legal, HR, and the Director play fair is for everyone to know what's going on. I personally know that the Monitor and the AP wireservices are monitoring the blog on a daily basis.

And please let us know if the DX legal fund account at LANB is still active. Many of us want to contribute to that fund.
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