Tuesday, March 08, 2005

LANL NewsBulletin Reader's Forum Disappears

From Anonymous:

The sidebar link on the left called "Reader's Forum" is no longer where it used to be, between "Job Openings" and "Research Library". Just a gaping hole there now.


Baghdad Bob must have lost all his customers to the blog.
I clicked on the hole and it took me to the reader's forum. Let's not get paranoid here - it's probably just a coding error.
I clicked on the hole and it took me nowhere. Maybe they are reserving this spot for a link to the blog.
It's there in IE but not in Firefox. There are no new entries yet this week.
I guess BB changed his mind, the link is back.
The Readers Forum link seems to have returned, at least as viewed via FireFox/Linux (as of 8:15am Tues).
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