Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Lab penalties blamed largely on shutdown

From Anonymous:

Well, Duh. Nanos shut us down last year for reasons that turned out not to be true, and now DOE has given the lab a bad review because we were shut down. What is conveniently forgotton in the mean time, is that DOE and NNSA "fully supported" Nanos' decision to shut down the lab last July.

Up until just recently, that is. Until it became inescapably obvious that Nanos _really_ *really* REALLY screwed up when he flew off the handle last July with his knee-jerk, gonna show-them-who's-in-charge, slap-them-around-and-put-them-in-their-place, I'm the Admiral here Fubar of last July.

Double Duh.

Lab penalties blamed largely on shutdown

Last Update: 03/15/2005 1:25:30 PM
By: Associated Press

LOS ALAMOS, N.M. (AP) - Los Alamos National Laboratory has gotten poor marks from the US Department of Energy.

The lab’s poor review was largely based on director Pete Nanos’ decision to shut down operations last July over classified computer disks that couldn’t be located. Lab operations slowly came back on line through January.

The lab developed new security procedures during the shutdown, but it also caused projects to miss crucial deadlines. Most of those projects were in weapons programs.

Lab spokesman Jim Danneskiold says high-risk operations are in the weapons program, and those are the ones most affected by the suspension of work.

The report card says many key facilities were not available for months because of the shutdown.

Think about it. NNSA and DOE were one of the big backers of the shutdown. Then they turn around and fine UC a huge amount of money.
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