Sunday, March 06, 2005

Job Ad

From Anonymous:

Northrup Grumman looking for a Deputy Dir at LANL

While I was conducting another random search of other career opportunities, I stumbled into
the following at I thought a few people might be interested.

There are actually three postings, one for a Deputy Director slot and two Associate Director slots. They seem to be fairly targeted at real segments of the lab mission.
I'm a little unclear on how to read this. Is this outsourcing of the IM division, all computing, or ...

The "IT" emphasis in this ad is very pronounced. Are there other Northrop Grumman ads, similar to this, for other parts of the lab?

They mention staff of 11,000 however. It also seems a little early to be hiring people for the bid ... or is it?

Have we just learned the identity of a probable bidder, or an organization that is going to peel off some lab functions. Note that according to Bamford's recent book, the NSA outsourced a lot of its IT operations ca. 2000. There are lots of precedents for outsourcing computing.

Or is the lab about to be split into bits, with some of it coming under defense, other bits outsourced, and so on?
Northrop Grumman is looking for a "shadow" SET/EB, to be put in place if they win the bid.

I wonder what the current LANL management would do to someone at LANL who might apply...
From the ad:

"Responsible for the day-to-day operation of the Laboratory and it’s scientific, engineering and administrative staff of about 11,000. and a budget of about $2 billion."

Apparently, Northrup-Grumman puts very little weight on grammatical construction; that could be a good sign, but it's probably a bad sign.
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