Sunday, March 13, 2005

It's all documented

From Anonymous:

Hey Grumman! Hughes! Bechtel! Washington Group International, Jacobs Engineering, Honeywell, CH2M, BWXT, Fluor! Getcher insights here! Want to learn how UC lost the contract? Read all about it on Discover how _not_ to run a national lab, *starting* with who not to pick as director (not to mention how you pick him: National search? We don't need no stinkin' national search! We'll appoint one of our Good Ol' Admiral Boys).

Want to hear how not to do safety? It's all documented in the annals of the blog. Security? Double ditto. Public relations (Hi, Baghdad Bob! Hi, Comical Ali!) Yep, once again, read all about how not to do it, right here! Want to avoid lawsuits? Use the University Of California as your guide on what not to do whilst running your "World's Greatest Science Protecting America" national laboratory.

You forgot to mention the on-line tutorial on how to run off customers and staff.
I think you also forgot to say a word about all those law firms who have been seen browsing this blog, trying to decide which piece of low hanging fruit to pluck first.
Censoring the NewsBulletin? Doesn't that count for anything?
Learn how not to inspire goodwill
The the poster of 7:11 pm: I believe that might have been covered under "how not to do PR".
You seem to forget: the blog is "comprised of a small group of hightly vocal discontented employees".
For poster 8:ll

Hightly: pronounced High-tee-lee (adverb or adjective) definition: highly intelligence, well read, extremely accurate, capable of causing others to think, being a cheerleader for truth, justice and the American way.
The group may be small and vocal, but they can't spell very well, can they?

Baghdad, are you taking notes? Rich, are _you_ taking notes?
In my humble opinion, there are two primary losers in this debacle: the Nation, through the virtual destruction of a prime asset, the talented and once committed workforce of Los Alamos National Laboratory, and the UC, through their failure to live up to their putative commitment to provide the Laboratory a working environment of intellectual honesty and integrity. President Dynes has been told of the Director's regular abusiveness in large groups, in small groups, in individual interactions (even at his Executive Board), by the Robbie Vogt et al team he sent to take the pulse of the workforce. This team heard the truth, the depth of the despair and lack of individual empowerment, and communicated it back to President Dynes, twice and in no uncertain terms. President Dynes either did not hear, was reassured by Admiral Foley that all was in order, or he had painted himself into a corner and did not know how to extricate himself. I think all three factors played into his inaction. He is in a difficult situation -- that is clear, but the end result is that the reputation of UC has been tarnished far more by their lack of leadership than by the sequence of operational problems that occurred on their watch. The first they could have done something about; it is less clear that the latter is under their control. I understand that steps are being taken to replace Nanos, to find him a face-saving exit and I laud that greatly, but I fear it is almost, perhaps is, too late.
Enterprise System. Don't forget that we can learn all about the wrong way to do EP here.
Boy, you people are remarkable at being a bunch of sorry sad sacks who apparently love to wallow in your own self importance and self pity. Do you people have any idea how well you have it up there on "The Hill?" You have almost unlimited access to taxpayer funding to use for your little science projects, your pay is the highest in the state by three or four times, your benefit packages seem amazing good compared to any place else in the state. I remember reading in the newspapers that your director called the people responsible for the security and safety debacles cowboys and buttheads, not the whole lab. If I were an outside company I'd be disgusted to be reading this. No one will weep when your whining shuts the lab down. We will rejoice because the place will finally get cleaned up and you all will be forced to make an honest living for a while instead of guzzling slop out of the taxpayer trough. Ingrates.
To the poster of 6:51 AM:

You don't work here, do you?
To Poster at 4:45:
Thanks for an excellent summary that points to the real problem. President Dynes has known of the abusive and unfair practices of Nanos at least as far back as October 2004. He elected to build a wall of silence around himself and shun advice offered to him by even his best friends and advisors. "Good men need only to stay silent for evil men to prosper." As a result of a good man's silence, there has been no qualitative change in Nanos' abusive leadership, only a quantitative increase in the number of his victims. If this were a Shakespearean play, it would qualify as a tragedy.
The postiing at 6:51 AM proves again that the ability to hit the send button is reflexive, requiring no intelligence. The poster needs to put his matches and gasoline away. No one is impressed by his (or her) bomb.
To 7:23 AM Post.

I disagree. 6:51 post was right on point. I would add that a low Z number usually implies an the attitude of entitlement. Sad.
To 7:31 AM.

I almost agree with you, accept I believe the statement (modified) applies to the entire range of Z-numbers. We are entitled. We are entitled to respect. We are entitled to fair treatment. Other people recognize this. Take a look at what is happening to the current director if you disagree.
Question for Poster at 4:45 PM

Does a face-saving exit include "tar-and-feathering?" If so, I completely agree with you.
Don't forget the rail!!
After such a face-planting tenure, what's the point of giving Nanos a "face-saving" exit?
I started working here at LANL over 20 years ago first at Zia, then Pan Am and JCI. I did not work for JCNNM or KSL but my wife has and still does.

I was terminated for trumped up allegations by the Laboratory and was not even working for the Laboratory.

So you think that getting rid of the director will solve you problems wrong think again.

The progressive new sub contractors to LANL have taught us that it will get worse; your benefits will decrease with time. You will be expected to do more work with less and get less pay for doing it. From what I know personally every time it changes it gets worse. The managers are liars and cheats and will do anything in their power to make themselves look good; their big checks depend on it. Full speed ahead and just run over those who happen to get in they way and are trying to do a good job the right way.

Remember that only the top shelf managers leave. The ones on the lower shelves will stay, where do you think they have gotten their training nothing will change only those on the top shelf.

We are already seeing evidence of that with all the changes introduced after the stand down and the re start of work. Do they make sense no but to show Congress, NNSA and DOE that something is happening make changes without thinking them through? That’s called knee jerk reaction.

So if NNSA and Congress think that a change in the contractor that is running the Lab will improve the Safety and Security, they have their heads in the sand like an ostrich.

They will have no idea what goes on here or what is happing for at least two years. Do they really think that a new contractor will come in the door and throw out the play book and introduce a new play book to correct the problems? I see another stand down looming.

How can things get better with just changing the top shelf?

How many of you have been called into a meeting and told what the rules are when you did not and don’t do those things. Yet the people that are doing those things are sitting right there and don’t see themselves as the ones being talked about. Isn’t that a real moral booster for the rest of us? What ever happened with effective employee management on a one on one basis?

All the writing in all the papers and even on this site are quoted as saying “Scientist” well I would respond what about the rest of the LANL employees, those that aren’t scientists. It’s about time that all the support staff is recognized, or does Congress, NNSA, DOE and all the rest think that only the scientists do any work here.

Beyond all of that I really like my job and the satisfaction that I get from it, what I don’t like are all of the politics that are engrained in the LANL system. “The good old boys club”.
The just previous poster is exactly right; LANL is not just the scientists, but also the workers who support the science that is done here. There are technicians who have saved the butt of a scientist, most of whom know it in their heart of hearts. A good scientist will defend to the death the staff that makes experiments possible.

But now, the REAL problem is the LACK of scientists at the upper management levels. And with Bechtel (rhymes with "Rectal," or so I'm told) doing the running of the Bechtel-UC enterprise, the ranks of managers who know anything about science and truly care about it will thin even more.

Time for some activism on the part of the scientific staff and their comrades in this laboratory--the non-scientific workers who share the trenches.
I totally agree with the 2:17PM poster. I love my job but hate all the politics and the employees that get made TSM's in a support series job just because they kiss some clueless managers ass and have some phoney degree not even in the field they are working in.
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