Sunday, March 20, 2005

How very courageous

From Anonymous:

Hey, Baghdad Bob! How very courageous of you to hide the fact that Nanos was going to testify before Congress last week until the fact of the event could not be kept from us any longer. Someone who did not know better might think upper LANL management might have been trying to cover up something of which they were ashamed.

But you, Bagdad, you are a good lackey, let no one say any different. You did your duty: you kept the truth from us once again, to the best of your ability. In so doing, you epitomized that which we despise in upper LANL management: dishonesty, lack of integrity, cowardice.

Good job!

I'm uncomfortable bashing the Director's PR guy. This blog captures the tyranical and punitive character of the Director. I'll bet the PR guy doesn't have a lot of discretion regarding what gets published and when. His neck never leaves the chopping block. IMHO, being the Director's "spin doctor" has to be about the lousiest job I can imagine. Just my opinion.
I think anybody in the administration who has demonstrated a willingness to participate in cover-ups and to assist in trying to bury the truth is fair game. Integrity still counts for something. Rich Marquez, Jim Fallin, Kevin Roark, and Kathy DeLucas have all been highly visible purveyors of the party line.

Well, ok, Marquez has remained behind the scenes, but he owns PAO.

Now, when the truth of the so-called missing CREM episode has started to become public, the versions of that particular story as previously presented by our LANL PR group can be seen to have been comprised mainly of lies.

Out with them, I say.
"IMHO, being the Director's "spin doctor" has to be about the lousiest job I can imagine."

Yeah. I guess I felt the same way about Saddam's original "Baghdad Bob." You knew he was just doing his job and was facing the axe if he screwed up.

But as Nanos's official mouthpiece, the PR guys' official statements are fair game (as long as it doesn't get personal). And the "Baghdad Bob" eptithet is very accurate and appropriate.

It would be nice if one of those PR guys would resign in protest and start telling The Real Story.
"Well, ok, Marquez has remained behind the scenes, but he owns PAO."

Marquez has a past that has a life of its own...better watch out!
"Marquez has a past that has a life of its own...better watch out!"

Cryptic. What do you mean?
For people like me who don't speak blog, IMHO means "In My Humble Opinion". I looked it up so you would not have to.
"I'll bet the PR guy doesn't have a lot of discretion regarding what gets published and when." Funny you should say that, because I saw some of the message traffic when a PR guy -- not "Baghdad Bob," I think, but I'm not sure -- was trying to "encourage" other PR people to toe the line, precisely by ENFORCING "discretion regarding what gets published...". This resulted in pushback from down the ladder that the author of the pushback accurately described as "snarky." The good news was that the pushback author, to the best of my knowledge (and it's someone that I know fairly well), didn't get squashed. The bad news is that the encouragement to toe the line was quite clearly originating within the PR organization rather than with GPN.

The rot runs pretty deep on this one.
All this random paranoia and name calling just adds more noise to the blog and distracts from and discredits the serious issues that have been raised.
I agree with the last post at the risk of being called a troll. We need to stay focused on the issues. It is rather interesting though that the "LANL in the News" section on the LANL home page has not shown any of the articles in the press recently.
I agree that we need to stay focused on the issues. One of the most troubling issues we have had to deal with has been the policy of LANL's top management of attempting to cover up the truth regarding the security and safety events leading up the the shutdown of last July.

As such, I believe the LANL PR machine is very much part of our problem, and very much an issue we should all be concerned about.
And with this on-line letter posted in today's Los Alamos Monitor, I say we begin a campaign to hire Bruce Norman as the Laboratory's new PR Director. NO, WAIT ... New DIRECTOR, period!
Here's the post:
Monday, March 21, 2005
Nanos legacy looks bleak

Dear Editor,
In less than a month, I will celebrate 30 years of living in Los Alamos. I arrived with my two tennis racquets, the clothes on my back, less than $1,000 in my pocket and the dream of making a living as a tennis teacher in this beautiful community. I've been fortunate during my time here and after running several different businesses have sunk deep roots in Los Alamos. I have two wonderful boys at the High School and still love Los Alamos as much as the day I moved here.
But this is not why I am writing this letter today. I'm writing to express my grave concern for what is happening to LANL, the heart and soul of Los Alamos. In particular, I am concerned about the leadership and the extreme negative effect it is having on our community and LANL's employees.

When Pete Nanos was first named director of the lab it seemed like a good decision. From my perspective, the lab needed some shaking up and he seemed like the man to do it. Now, however, I've heard too many stories to maintain that opinion. The picture my friends who work at LANL paint is that of someone who is rude, isolated and arrogant. Now, I've never met the man and perhaps everyone whose opinion I've solicited is wrong, but one thing is for sure, morale is at its lowest point in the 30 years I've lived here and it's largely due to Pete Nanos. Sure, the uncertainty due to the management contract being put out to competitive bid hovers overhead like a storm cloud, but I've never heard so many negative remarks about a LANL director.

The employees at LANL are by and large dedicated to their jobs and while not perfect, deserve a whole lot more respect than they have been shown. So please, Mr. Nanos, come down off your high horse and show some humor and humility. The next time someone comes up to you, introduces themselves to you and extends his or her hand, please smile, shake their hand and say, "Hello, so glad to meet you" instead of turning your back on them and walking away like you did to one of my friends. And while I am sure it would be difficult for you to do, I think an apology to LANL employees for possibly overacting in your "cowboys and butthead speech" and to the business community for the extremely adverse effect the lab's standdown has had on them would go a long way to strengthen your support. These are but small suggestions and more surely needs to be done on your part, but it would be a start. Otherwise, your legacy at the once-proud laboratory will be that of its most divisive director and of one who has led to its demise instead of its advancement and in the process did further damage to our community. This Admiral needs to steer his ship in a new direction before he runs her aground or faces a mutiny!
Bruce Norman
Los Alamos
Excellent letter by Bruce Norman. However, there is one error: the mutiny is already underway!
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