Thursday, March 17, 2005

"The employees at Los Alamos are extremely important to us,"

From Anonymous:


I just saw this on the San Jose Mercury News website. I thought this excerpt was nice and I hope you'll post it;

"...Los Alamos employees, who currently are covered under UC's systemwide plan, are not happy about the pension proposal, and regents' chairman Gerald Parsky said that issue will have to be resolved to UC's satisfaction.

"The employees at Los Alamos are extremely important to us," Parsky said. "We are going to be paying very close attention to making sure that their retirement, their benefits will be protected in this or we won't bid..."


If UC really meant that then they would not have been treating LANL and LLNL as second class UC emplyees for the past 12 years. You may recall that two times back when the contract was renewed that the vacation benefit was limited for employees hiring on after Jan 1 1993. This vacation package applies to LANL and LLNL employees ONLY. It is NOT UC standard (the "old" 5 week plan is).
It was not "required" by DOE, in fact Argonne for example still gives their employees University of Chicago benefits, which in the case of vacation at least are BETTER than UC.
If we are "extremely important" we are demonstrably less "extremely important" than the staff at any UC campus.
I believe that the 12:21pm post is incorrect.

I've been at LLNL 15 years and don't recall such a change for us. So I looked at the contracts and on the UC benefits website.

As I read it, the Labs and the campuses are almost the same.

All get 15 days of vacation per year.
All get 8 days of sick leave per year.
But for holidays; Labs - 12 holidays verses Campuses - 13 holidays

Vacations are explicitly called out in Appendix A, Personnel Cost and Related Expenses [Section VIII (b)]. Glancing through this Appendix - which is the same for all three UC Labs with differences between the Labs noted - it appears that the LANL change in 1992 was done to get LANL in line with LLNL and LBNL vacation rates (sorry about that - don't blame us we just work here).

Correct me if I'm wrong, but it appears that the pre-1992 rate for LANL is fixed at 2 days/month. Where the LBNL/LLNL and post-1992 LANL rates starts at 15 days/year and then adjusts to more as service time increase. I'm now at 12 hours/month, so in another 5 years I get to the old LANL rate of 2 days/month (16 hours/month).

Also all three Labs have the same number of holidays days (12), but the specific days are not the same. For example, LLNL and LBNL do not get Veterans' Day off - I do remember that when UC made this an official University holiday, UCOP went to DOE and requested a change in Appendix A and it was turned down by DOE (they would have approved if the Labs wanted to give up another holiday in exchange).

The UC info came from
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