Thursday, March 10, 2005

Considering how much time the Nanites spend on this blog

From Anonymous:

Considering how much time the Nanites spend on this blog, they must be taking it very seriously.

But how will they explain away these facts?:
* Los Alamos has a good-to-average safety record, as documented by public data.
* Los Alamos has a good-to-average security record, as documented by public data.
* Director Pete Nanos slandered the Lab workforce and needlessly damaged LANL's reputation when he called us "cowboys" and "buttheads" and denounced a "culture of arrogance" refuted by Secretary Bodman.
* The Director cost the United States an estimated billion dollars and damaged national security by an unnecessary shutdown, which will eventually total one year in length in some divisions.
* The Lab, under Nanos' orders, fired people without proper justification, and will probably lose several expensive lawsuits as a result.
* The Director is still pursuing angry grudges against several staffers, according to his statements in front of groups of people.
* The Director continues to waste taxpayer dollars and critical time on fad programs and discredited safety schemes.

"I like reading it to see how stupid some people are." [Comment made on another post - DJR]

I see. They won't.

Do you recall what flavor kool-aid you had?
I think the package said "Butthead".
I declare an inanity shutdown. Deal with the points above.
Obviously, the item at the top of the list is the Director's stand down of operations at Los Alamos. The cost to the United States taxpayer in dollars is enormous; the cost to our national security, inestimable. The situation demands a congressional hearing to answer crucial questions. For example, who specifically authorized moving hundreds of millions of dollars from and between specific line authorizations? Why are transfers of this magnitude not a usurpation of congressional authorities? What were the specify impacts of those transfers on national security? What is the impact of having missed 50% of "surveillance components?" What credibility does Director Nanos now have in certifying the reliability of our stockpile?
Our safety record under John Browne's bottoms-up, Integrated Safety Management program showed remarkable and sustained improvements that moved LANL in the "best-of-class" category. John Browne had to step down as director. Nano's top-down Integrated Work Program has LANL with an increasing injury and lost-time rate. The real increase in accidents is almost certainly even worst than the data show given the realization that, in today's abusive work environment, self-reporting can also be hazardous to one's long term health and well being. Even with these adverse data as reported, Director Nanos gets a pat on the back from Senator Domenici and not a kick in the ......Oh well, enough said.
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