Wednesday, March 02, 2005


This is your moderator speaking. Some of the comments to posts, as well as some of the posts themselves have started to take on a strident tone. Knock it off with the name-calling or I will be forced to start deleting comments.


Thank you Doug- Please remove the tacky name calling notes...

This blog was a great idea- but it has turned ugly. People sniping back and forth, those repling tear down any one opposing their own adgenda, but with little of substance to say. I've been repulsed... The comments to the last dozen posts have been terrible.

I hope it is just a vocal few voracious posters who are so poorly behaved - I hate to think there are so many here. You're going to have to train people in constructive dialogue, as they obviously don't self police.
I'd like to see more light and less heat on this blog. The original "Objects to Criticism" post contained some bomb-throwing language, particularly item #2 in the "you will feel better" list. If I may make a suggestion, future submissions like this should be returned to the author to be edited for tone.

Doug- If a private citizen has the courage to sign their name to a post, it is extremely tacky for 'Mr. Anonymous' to get additional personal information from either phone books or the salary listing and post it. Please have a policy that personal info (added by others) will be removed. This need not apply to addresses or office numbers of public servants. See Objects to Criticism..
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