Thursday, March 03, 2005


From Anonymous:

Heard there was an accident in DX-3 today (Thursday, March 3). Something about a crushed finger that had to be amputated. Anyone know more?

It is true, an individual did cut several of his fingers pretty badly. No broken bones. No amputation.
How could an accident happen? Was all required paperwork in place to prevent the accident? Besides, I thought DX-3 was shut down. Maybe this was not a hazardous operation.
Was the accident victim:

1. A UC staff member?

2. A KSL contractor?, or

3. A subcontractor to a contractor to the Lab
(ie, a locally hired demoliton crew)?

Of course, that really doesn't matter to the Safety group
at LANL. Whether it was UC related or not, it will still
be entered into our safety incident database, and thus,
make all the UC staff look bad. That's a large part of
the problem with the safety statistics.
The "victim" was a United States Citizen trying to do his job. Frankly, I think it took a lot of guts on his part to just report the incident in the first place.
Perhaps he was trying to get all the required documents into place, and the injuries were paper cuts.

I know, I know! It's not nice to joke about someone's misfortune, but maybe this can help cheer him up.

--As long as he doesn't laugh so hard that it reopens the wounds.
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