Saturday, February 19, 2005

You believe there is a double standard?

From Anonymous:

You believe there is a double standard? Many postings to the blog point out the various discrepancies in safety and security violations at multiple laboratories that make LANL look better than any of them. There was a death at Savannah River last year. Did NNSA shut them down? Have they been smeared like LANL? Have their employees been called buttheads and other worse names?

Nanos says there were 322 injuries at LANL last year, but the report filed with OSHA says 267. What were the other 55 injuries?

We have a weak UC president who won't stand up for his employees; we have a weak Congressional delegation who won't stand up for us and actually berated us based upon Nanos' description of the missing CREM which turned out to be false; we have newspapers in the state that will not write the truth (no Woodward's and Bernstein's in New Mexico ready to expose one of the largest waste of taxpayers' money ever).

We need to keep contacting our Congressional delegation to support us and to convince DOE/NNSA and UC to remove Nanos and the entire upper management structure. We need a streamlined managment where the Division Leaders report to the Director and a Deputy Director, where the Director is the Chief Science Officer, and where the rest of the UC employees are paid to support the missions of LANL, not push paper from one desk to another. We especially need to remove the Chief of Staff management level in division offices because their main purpose is to push paper. They contribute nothing to LANL goals.

We need a complete repudiation of the CWP and of the Director's Instruction Number 04-006.1 which is a discriminatory policy directed at UC retirees. We need a safety policy that is bottom up, not top down. And certainly there are other policies that need removing/strealining.

But first - he has to go. We can't function as we are now.

We need to remove all Chiefs of Staff. Whatever happened to a Group Leader and a Deputy Group Leader, now one of the Deputy Group Leaders is for administrative only. This once was called a secretary and the offices ran much better then. We have way too many managerial positions.
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