Saturday, February 26, 2005

Work For Others?

From Anonymous:

Regarding the revelation that was dropped on us during the Bodeman meeting that Nanos is conducting (or having conducted for him, it wasn't clear) a lesson's-learned/cost analysis of the shutdown, what do you want to bet that the reviewers conveniently "forget" to factor in the lost business from all those work for others sponsors who have vamoosed? Prior to the shutdown, WFO comprised nearly 25% of our $2.2 billion budget. Want to take bets on what it is now? What it will be in FY05, FY06, FY07?

Don't let management's sleight-of-hand in accounting of the loss during the shutdown fool you. At a conservative minimum, three months (25% of $2.2 billion) was lost, not just the manager's time, which is about 8% of that. The latter is all that will show up in their "accounting." Half a billion dollars is what should appear (most likely lots more, since the experimental facilities were shut for over a half a year), not the $50 million that they will most likely own up to.

Hands on back pockets, taxpayers!
Well lets look at all the audits of the shutdown that are going on:

House of Representatives are doing one at the request of the fine Rep from UT.

The Senate is doing one at the request of the Senator from Bechtel.

The DOE is doing one. THe NNSA is doing one, the IG is doing one, the OMB is doing one, UC is doing one, and finally LANL itself is doing one.

Now how many of them are going to agree on the final costs? I am guessing there will be enough answers at the end of the day so that each poster can come away vindicated that they were right and everyone else is wrong.
On the facilites side let's not forget all of the claims in progress from the many contractors who had work in progress at the time of the shut down. Many of these contractors were not even permitted to protect work in place such that foundations that were poured prior to the shut down are now needing to be removed and repoured due to loss of compaction under the footings due to the summer rains.
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