Sunday, February 06, 2005


From Anonymous:

2/5/2005 "Missing Journals Spark Mistrust" ABQ Journal North Edition
1/31/05 "Blog a Forum for LANL Workers" ABQ Journal North Edition
1/30/05 "'Missing' LANL Disks Weren't" ABQ Journal North Edition
1/30/05 "FBI: Lab never was missing disks" Santa Fe New Mexican

These stories will have no effect on the monumental problems with LANL
management unless they appear in the New York Times, the Washington
Post, etc.

How about suggesting to the Journal's Adam Rankin and The Santa Fe New
Mexican's Diana Heil that they should send them to the wireservices?
How about numerous phone calls to Udall's, Bingaman's, and Domenici's
offices pointing out what folks have sent to the blog? How about
contacting CNN to see if they would be willing to provide a link to the
blog from their main page? Without national attention nothing will
happen. If people really want a change, then the story must be

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