Monday, February 14, 2005

What types of injuries are these?

From Anonymous:

Does it ever end? I agree I do not want to see people hurt but where are the numbers coming from? What types of injuries are these? I am sure the laser accident is in there but I wonder how many are sprains, ergonomic, back, scratched finger, slipped on ice? Chronic sick people? Things that happen in the real world to real people. As they say shit happens but I guess at LANL it means something more.......


From/MS: G. Peter Nanos, DIR, MS A100
Phone/Fax 7-5101/Fax 7-2997
Symbol: DIR-05-072
Date: February 14, 2005
Subject: Behavioral Excellence Safety Initiative

Last year 322 people were hurt at the Laboratory. This concerns
me and I know it concerns you. Our recent work suspension
identified over 3,000 conditions requiring action. The most
serious ones have already been addressed; the remainder are being
worked off as quickly as possible through the Operational
Efficiency Project. But 322 people being hurt are too many and
we must do more. We need to become a Laboratory where everyone
can recognize the difference between safe and unsafe operation,
and everyone communicates support for safe operations and
everyone takes action to address unsafe ones.

To take the next step in safety improvement, we are going to
focus on "behavioral excellence". We will do this by enhancing
our Integrated Safety Management System with the DuPont Safety
Training Observation (STOPTM) Program. The DuPont training will
improve our ability to recognize at-risk conditions and
behaviors, and improve our effectiveness working together to
address those conditions and behaviors. This year we will train
managers and supervisors to help them be more effective in their
management walk arounds and in their day-to-day safety
observations. I will begin by teaching the first of eight 1-hour
sessions to the Associate Directors on February 15. ADs will
teach division leaders, who teach group leaders, who teach
supervisors. After managers and supervisors have learned and
modeled safety observation and communication skills, we'll roll
this training out for everyone.

Let's put our care for each other into actions that prevent
people from getting hurt.

Q: How do you top a major security kerfuffle caused by a false positive in a tracking system?

A: Deputize all employees to second-guess co-workers' job activities that they know nothing about.
Background on what's coming:

Blame the Worker: The Rise of Behavioral-Based Safety Programs
Think about this figure for a moment. If 322 people were injured at LANL during
the last year, that works out to be almost 4% of the workforce! Does Pete
really believe this? If so, then he's more out of touch with reality than I
ever imagined. Either that, or the anti-nuke folks are right and this place
needs to be shut down immediately. Which is it, Pete?

My hunch is "The Admiral" sees this letter as a loving Valentine's Day gift. It's
his ackward way of demonstrating to the staff just how much he cares. After all,
he states he'll be taking the time to personally train each and every AD in the
"Ways of Safety". The Master's knowledge will then be passed on down the line
to the students.

Pete, if you really want to help people from hurting this next year, then
please resign. The biggest injury I've seen around here is emotional -- it's
the staff who are now completely demoralized, despondent, and fearful largely
because of your failed leadership. Let the healing begin. Please go now.
More on Behavior-Based Safety:

Behavior-Based Safety: The Blame Game This doesn't sound good.
Many of these injuries were caused by slips on icy sidewalks and parking lots that remained in poor condition for weeks. This lack of attention to snow/ice removal was evident even in handicapped spaces.
The late November snowstorm yielded 14 injuries in one day alone. NMT Division has many ergonomics injuries as I'm certain other Divisions have. I can believe the 322 injuries, but I am certain the majority are slips, trips and ergonomic injuries. LANL shouold publish specific data on the nature of these injuries.
I suspect you better get used to the Dupont system. Both DOE and LLNL are listed as STOP customers. DOE even has a draft handbook in theworks.
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