Tuesday, February 08, 2005

We are *ALL* in this together!

From Anonymous:

I am getting a bit tired that all the emphasis is placed on "Scientists" that are being trampled on. I am a TEC and feel just as trampled on as the scientists, perhaps even more so. I am sure that others in support (non-scientist) roles feel the same way. I agree that Science should be at the top of the agenda. However, top notch science requires excellent support as well. While the events of the past few months have made me think hard about my future here there has also been a culture of mismanagement alive and well at LANL for years that I am more concerned about. The continued nepotism, lack of a uniform HR process, clueless management and hiring of peoples' buddies has pretty much contributed to the decline. In my opinion those practices have greatly contributed to the mess we are in now.

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